Center for Undergraduate Business Advising

Entrance Standards for Business Programs

During the second semester of the sophomore year students must contact their advisor to initiate admission to one of the AACSB accredited business programs. Students seeking admission to upper-division courses who have not completed all of the required pre-admission course work will be allowed to pre-register for upper-division courses if they satisfy the minimum grade point average requirements at the time of application and if they are concurrently enrolled in the courses necessary to complete the pre-admission requirements. Failure to meet all requirements for admission will result in denial of admission to the college; students denied admission will not be admitted to upper-division classes. Students may appeal to an appeals committee.

The admission standards are as follows:

  1. The applicant must have completed the following pre-admission courses with a combined GPA of 2.25. You can use our GPA calculator to calculate this.
    • ACC 200 
    • ACC 201
    • BUS 215
    • CIS 243 (with a minimum grade of C) or MAT 135
    • CIV 201 or CIV 202
    • COM 161
    • CSC 199
    • ECO 230
    • ECO 231
    • ENG 105 (with a minimum grade of C)
    • HUM 211
    • LST 240
    • MAT 220 or MAT 250
  2. The applicant must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.

CIV 201 or 202 and HUM 211 are waived for students with transfer coursework and/or general education certification that would waive HUM and CIV in University Studies for Murray State’s bachelor’s degrees.

COM 161 is waived for students with transfer coursework and/or general education certification that would waive COM 161 in University Studies for Murray State’s bachelor’s degrees.

The course or courses used to meet the ENG 105 requirement for Murray State’s University Studies will be used to meet the ENG 105 requirement for admission to business programs. When more than one course is used, the courses must average a grade of C to meet the minimum grade for this course requirement.

Honors sequence courses will meet business admission standards as follows:

  • ENG 150 (with a minimum grade of C) will meet the ENG 105 requirement.
  • HON 165 will meet the COM 161 requirement.
  • HON 251 will meet the HUM 211 requirement.
  • HON 201 or 202 will meet the CIV 201 or 202 requirement.
  • HON 232 will meet both the ECO 230 and ECO 231 requirements.

Enrollment in business courses numbered 300 or above will be limited to:

  1. business program students admitted to the college’s accredited programs;
  2. non-business students who have junior standing and are enrolled in specific programs or minors requiring business courses; and
  3. other students or classifications of students with the specific permission of the department offering the course.

Immediately following formal admission, the student must declare an area of concentration, major, or minor and be assigned an academic advisor accordingly.


Students who are not admitted because of a low GPA or failure to successfully complete a required course will be allowed to reapply after the deficiency has been corrected.

In unusual circumstances admission may be granted when personal, professional, academic, or intellectual circumstances tend to contradict low academic scores, if there is other persuasive evidence regarding both the motivation and capability to successfully pursue upper-division study.

Any student not admitted can appeal the decision to a collegiate review committee.

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