Robert A. Valentine

Robert Andrew Valentine
112 Wilson Hall


BA History, University of Kentucky, 1968
MA Communication, Murray State University, 1974
Specialist in College Teaching, 1978



Born in New York City, raised in the midwest; military service in the Republic of Korea. Have instructed at University of Kentucky, University of Maryland (USAFI), Bethel College (Tenn.) and Murray State University.

Coach, National Championship Debate Team, 1980
Director, American Storytelling Tour, National Scouting Museum, 1992-2000
Head of College, Elizabeth Residential College, 2001-2008
Regent's Teacher, 2010

Research Interests:
Contemporary Advertising Strategies
Writings of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison
Publishing (publisher, Murray Life Magazine, 2000-present)
Theatre and Storytelling

JMC 168 Introduction to Mass communication
JMC 394 Introduction to Advertising
JMC 426 Advertising Media Sales
JMC 456 Campaigns

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