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The Area in International Business program provides students with broad based preparation for business careers with an international focus. The internationally oriented courses in Murray State’s University Studies program are augmented with a foreign language requirement and additional studies in world geography, political science and economics. Students also complete basic business classes as well as advanced international courses in the major functional areas of business. Students are strongly encouraged to complete a study abroad experience as part of this degree. The Area in International Business degree prepares students for graduate study in International MBA programs, entry level positions in firms with existing international operations, entrepreneurial opportunities with domestic firms wishing to expand to international markets and governmental and/or non-governmental organizations whose focus is international trade support or economic development.

Dual Degree Programs in St Etienne, France

Murray State University students in the Area in International Business program may complete a dual degree program with the École Supérieure de Commerce in Saint Etienne, France. In this program, students will complete a year of academic study at ESC-St Etienne and receive a Bachelor degree from that institution when they are awarded a BAB/BSB in International Business from Murray State. These students would then hold degrees from both institutions. The ESC-St Etienne courses in this program are taught in English. This program also allows Murray State students to study for a semester at ESC-St Etienne as exchange students without earning a dual degree.

> Area in International Business

University Studies Requirements: 44-49 hours

Oral and Written Communication: 7 hours
  • COM 161 [or HON 165] - 3 hours
  • ENG 105 [or ENG 150] - 4 hours
Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity, and the World's Artistic Traditions: 9 hours
  • Modern language course (single language), attaining a 202-level proficiency - 6 hours
    To reach proficiency at the 202-level, a student may have to complete up to six hours of 100-level prerequisites.
  • One University Studies elective in this category - 3 hours
  • MUST complete four semesters of college study of a single foreign language (exclusive of 105) or demonstrate equivalent proficiency.
  • One University Studies elective in this category - 3 hours
Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies, and Quantitative Skills
BAB: 7-10 hours
  • One University Studies science course with lab -- 4-5 hours
  • One University Studies mathematics course -- 3-5 hours
BSB: 10-15 hours
  • One University Studies science course with lab -- 4-5 hours
  • One University Studies mathematics course -- 3-5 hours
  • One University Studies science or mathematics course -- 3-5 hours
Social and Self-Awareness and Responsible Citizenship: 6 hours
  • One Ethics, Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement category course -- 3 hours
  • One Social Science category course -- 3 hours
World’s Historical, Literary, and Philosophical Traditions
BAB: 9 hours
  • CIV 201 or CIV 202 [or HON 201 or 202] -- 3 hours
  • HUM 211 [or HON 251] -- 3 hours
  • One University Studies elective in this category - 3 hours
BSB: 6 hours
  • CIV 201 or CIV 202 [or HON 201 or 202] -- 3 hours
  • HUM 211 [or HON 251] -- 3 hours
University Studies Approved Elective
BAB: 3 hours
BSB: 6 hours

Business Core Requirement: 41 hours

  • ACC 200 Principles of Financial Accounting -- 3 hours
  • ACC 201 Principles of Managerial Accounting -- 3 hours
  • BUS 215 Business Communication -- 3 hours
  • BUS 355 Information Systems and Decision Making -- 3 hours
  • BUS 442 Business Ethics and Environments -- 3 hours
  • CIS 243 Business Statistics I -- 2 hours
  • CIS 343 Business Statistics II -- 2 hours
  • ECO 310 Issues in the Global Economy -- 3 hours
  • FIN 330 Principles of Finance -- 3 hours
  • FTR 100T Transitions -- 1 hour
  • LST 240 Legal Environment of Business -- 3 hours
  • LSC 343 Fundamentals of Operations -- 3 hours
  • MGT 350 Fundamentals of Management -- 3 hours
  • MGT 590 Strategic Management -- 3 hours
  • MKT 360 Principles of Marketing -- 3 hours

Required Courses: 21 hours

  • ECO 315 Comparative Economic Systems
    ECO 410 Economic Development
  • FIN 461 International Financial Management
  • GSC 110 World Geography
  • MGT 557 International Management
  • MKT 568 Global Marketing Management
  • BUS 515 Communicating in an International Business Environment
  • POL 252 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    POL 250 Introduction to International Relations

Unrestricted Electives: 9-14 hours

One course must be at the 300-level or above

Total Curriculum Requirements: 120 hours

Note: The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business strongly encourages students in its business programs to study abroad.  The courses marked with an asterisk are commonly taught in summer study abroad programs such as KIIS and CCSA and each fall in the Semester in Regensburg program in Germany. BPA 396: Seminar in International Business, a business elective, is frequently taught in all these settings as well as in the International Business Seminar programs over the Christmas break and in the summer. ACC 586: International Experience in Accounting is routinely offered over Spring Break as an Accounting Elective. Consult your academic advisor to determine the study abroad opportunity which best fits your needs and schedule.

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