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Public Speaking Anxiety Management
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Public Speaking Anxiety Management

Does a course syllabus mentioning “required presentations” send you in search of a new major? Does the thought of enrolling in a public speaking class make you break out into a cold sweat or feel sick to your stomach…for days?  Have you registered for COM 161 only to drop it during the 2nd week of the semester to avoid giving a 2-3 minute introduction speech…more than once? If you answered “yes” to one or more (…or ALL!) of these questions, don’t despair. You have come to the right place for help! Welcome to PSAM, a website designed to help you (yes, YOU!) become a more confident public speaker.


Speech anxiety or Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking, a form of social anxiety. The word glossophobia comes from the Greek γλσσα glōssa, meaning tongue, and φόβος phobos, meaning fear or dread. (http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Glossophobia)

You may have seen this 2013 cell phone advertisement that showcases a young boy with glossophobia nailing his speech assignment while simultaneously catching the eye of a girl in his class. This “feel good” commercial hints at the tools available on-line to help with public speaking anxiety.  Although THIS website can’t guarantee you’ll find a significant other in the process, it does provide you with so much more than just hints about how to deal with your fear of public speaking. How much more, you ask? Well, kick your shoes off, get comfy, and spend a little time wandering through the site.  You might just find what you need to help you manage that lonnnnggggg walk to the front of the classroom (or boardroom or meeting room or wherever…you get the idea) and deliver your presentation without throwing up or passing out, or maybe even deliver it with confidence…and a smile!! 

On this website you can: 

Really, the sky is the limit here.  You could literally spend hours, maybe even days, just relaxing.  I hope you take some time to learn more about public speaking anxiety and master a few of the coping and relaxation techniques provided. So… take a deep breath….inhale (count to 5) and exhale (count to 10). Lather, rinse, and repeat.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…..  Aren’t you ready to finally let go of all of that public speaking anxiety? Let’s get started!

It is unlikely you will experience any discomfort using the techniques available on this website.  If you do, or think that you need to talk to a licensed counselor about your anxiety, please contact the Murray State University Counseling Center.

Location:    C104 Oakley Applied Science Building

Phone:         (270) 809-6851

Email:         msu.counselingcenter@murraystate.edu



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Public Speaking Anxiety Management website was developed by Dr. Lou Davidson Tillson, Professor, Department of Organizational Communication, Murray State University.  July 2014.

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