Counseling Program Faculty

 Counseling Faculty

ELC Counseling Program Faculty (left to right): 
Dr. Alan Bakes, Dr. Susana Bloomdahl, Dr. Kristin Douglas, Dr. Rebecca Pender, Dr. Samir Patel


Counseling Program Coordinator
Dr. Samir H. Patel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Counselor Education
3218 Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071

Samir H. Patel, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the counseling program and earned his doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of Central Florida in 2010. He is the past-president of the Kentucky Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. Research interests include (a) the promotion of evidence-based practices in counselor education, (b) exploring outcome factors of the supervisory working alliance, and (c) improving treatment outcomes for juvenile sex offenders. Dr. Patel's Vitae


Dr. Alan Bakes, Ph.D., LPCC
Associate Professor of Counselor Education
3228 Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071

Alan Bakes has been teaching counselor education at Murray State University since 2005 and holds a doctorate in Counselor Education and Counseling (Ph.D.) and a Master's of Counseling (M.Coun.) from Idaho State University. He is primarily responsible for teaching individual and group counseling skills, career counseling, and counseling ethics, as well as supervising practicum and internship. Professionally, he has provided personal counseling and career counseling at both university and small community counseling settings. Areas of scholarly interest include counselor supervision, career development and counseling skill training. Dr. Bakes' Vitae

School Counseling Program Coordinator

Dr. Susana Contreras Bloomdahl, Ph.D., NCC
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Counselor Education
3246 Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071

Susana Contreras Bloomdahl, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the counseling program at Murray State University. She has earned her doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of Arkansas in 2007. Originally from El Salvador but raised in South Louisiana, Dr. Bloomdahl has knowledge and experience in cultural diversity issues. She has worked with the minority populations within the school systems of New Orleans, Louisiana and with the immigrant student populations in Northwest Arkansas. Her areas of expertise are in Multicultural Counseling and School Counseling. Dr. Bloomdahl's Vitae 


Practicum & Internship Coordinator
Dr. Rebecca Pender, Ph.D., LPCC, NCC
Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
3220 Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071

Rebecca Pender received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Counseling from Idaho State University and her M.S.Ed, in Community Counseling and Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Before joining the faculty at Murray State University, she worked as a counselor with children, adolescents, and adults at Family Services Alliance of Southeast Idaho, a small organization that facilitates services for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Over this past summer, she worked with the H Group of Illinois providing crisis counseling services and assessments. She is the current president of the Kentucky Association for Specialist in Group Work. Her scholarly and research interests include mental health counseling, play therapy, marriage, couple and family counseling, trauma and crisis work, group work, and supervision. Rebecca currently serves as the Practicum and Internship Coordinator for the Counseling Program. Specialty Areas: Play Therapy, Crisis and Trauma, Substance Abuse, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling, Group Counseling. Dr. Pender's Vitae


Counseling Clinic Coordinator 

Dr. Kristin Douglas, Ph.D., LPCC, NCC, BCB
Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
3242 Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071

Kristin Douglas is an Assistant Professor in Counselor Education. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and is Board Certified in Biofeedback. She has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Wyoming, a Master's degree in Counseling and counselor Education from the University of Colorado-Denver, a Master's degree in Music Education from Brigham Young University, Kristin presently teaches Internship and Human Development courses.  She has 16 years clinical experience in agency and college counseling and serves as the counseling Clinic Coordinator of the Counseling and Assessment Center. Her research and scholarly interests include: (a) taboo, stigma, and grief-related topics, and their implications/applications to counseling, counselor education, and other applicable fields; (b) creativity and wellness in personal and professional development of counselors-in-training, counselors, and counselor educators; (c) the understanding, development, and application of ethics in the counseling profession; and (d) the duoethnography research methodology and its applications to the counseling profession. Dr. Douglas's Vitae

Graduate Assistant
Jasmine YoungJasmine Young   
Graduate Assistant for Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling  
212 Alexander Hall

Jasmine Young is a native of Louisville, Ky, and recently earned her undergraduate degree from Murray State University where she received her B.S. in Learning and Behavior Disabilities K-12. She is a third semester graduate student working towards her Master's degree with the School Counseling Program at Murray State University. She is involved in research with school based mentoring programs and her research interests are centered on improving academic success with adolescents.


Counselor Education Program Advisory Board
Advisory Board


Amy Washington 
Past President
West Kentucky Mental Health Counseling


Adrienne Hubbard 
Missions Administrator
Heartland Worship Center
Catherine Sames
School Counselor
Southwest Elementary School 


Tonya Brockwell
School Counselor
Hickman County School
 Mindy Rose
School Counselor
Fulton High School

Jasmine Young
School Counseling
 Jonathan Durr
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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