Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Specialist in Education in Counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Option

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling curriculum consists of 60 credit hours.

Specialist in Education-Clinical Mental Health Advising Guide


Tentative Ed.S. Clinical Mental Health counseling Course Sequence-Murray

Tentative Ed.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling Course Sequence-Madisonville


Total Course Requirements......................................60 hours

ADM 630 Methods of Research

CNS 617 Introduction to Counseling

CNS 618 Issues in Mental Health Counseling

CNS 619 Foundational Counseling Techniques

CNS 624 Theories of Counseling

CNS 625 Legal and Ethical Issues

CNS 635 Human Development

CNS 671 Multicultural Counseling

CNS 676 Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

CNS 683 Tests and Measurements

CNS 686 Career Counseling

CNS 689 Individual Testing

CNS 692 Group Counseling

CNS 694 Advanced Counseling and Supervision

CNS 722 Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling

CNS 734 Marriage and Family Counseling

CNS 752 Trauma and Crisis Counseling

CNS 790 Practicum

CNS 794 Internship I

CNS 795 Internship II


Approved Electives (3 hrs) chosen from the following:

CNS 748 Expressive Activities Counseling

CNS 746 Wellness and Prevention Approaches

CNS 760 Eating Disorders and Body Image Counseling

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