Ted Brown


Ted Brown


Ph.D., English

Claremont Graduate University 

M.A., English

Claremont Graduate University

B.A., Comparative Literature

University of Redlands

Highlighted Publications

"'And that's true too': The Importance of Intellectual Flexibility in Othello and King Lear." CEA Critic 70.3 (Spring/Summer 2008): 35-45.

"Metapoetry in Edmund Spenser's Amoretti." Philological Quarterly 82.4 (Fall 2003): 401-417.

"Unkind Cuts: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Academic Job Rejection Letters." College English 55.7 (Nov. 1993): 770-778.

Areas of Specialization

English Education

Literature of the English Renaissance


Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Courses Taught

ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry

ENG 303 British Literature to 1760

ENG 334 Shakespeare

ENG 411 Non-Shakespearean Elizabethan-Jacobean Drama

ENG 428 Renaissance Literature

ENG 435 Teaching Literature in Secondary Schools

ENG 436 17th Century British Literature

ENG 614 Special Topics in English Studies

ENG 645 Non-Dramatic English Renaissance Literature

ENG 646 16th Century British Literature

ENG 647 Shakespeare

ENG 649 17th Century British Literature

HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition

Awards and Distinctions

Board of Regents Teaching Award, Murray State University, 1999

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS)

International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD)


Dr. Ted Brown

7C Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341