Film Studies

The Film Studies program at Murray State University emphasizes the history, theory and practice of film in the larger context of liberal arts studies. The purpose is to enhance understanding of this important medium and its influences across the disciplines. In consultation with faculty, staff and advisors, students may select elective courses within the Film Studies minor relevant to their academic and career objectives.

Film Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Film Studies Minor 


Associated Faculty

 Josh Adair

Dr. Josh Adair
Assistant Professor of English

 Timothy Johns GDS Faculty

Dr. Timothy Johns
Assistant Professor of English

 Helen Roulston

Prof. Helen Roulston
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator, Film Studies

 GDS Faculty Staci Stone Dr. Staci Stone
Associate Professor of English
Chair, Department of English and Philosophy



Dr. Josh Adair

Interim Coordinator
7B-14 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341





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