First-Year Composition: ENG 105

First-Year Composition: ENG 105

The First-Year Composition Program consists of one course, ENG 105: Critical Reading, Writing, and Inquiry, which satisfies the Murray State University general education requirement for written communication. The FYC program is affiliated with other programs on campus, including the Basic Writing Program (ENG 099, 100, 111, 112), the Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) Program, and the Racer Writing Center. Together, these programs attempt to further students’ critical reading, writing, and thinking abilities throughout the college experience. 

ENG 105 is a four-credit-hour, one-semester, seminar-style course emphasizing academic inquiry through critical reading and writing. The course goal is to facilitate academic inquiry and give students the tools to develop their writing as their university studies grow more complex. The course also familiarizes students with ways of thinking and interpreting texts so they can actively participate in disciplinary and interdisciplinary exploration through writing. Because students must demonstrate that they understand and can effectively apply the approaches to academic discourse and inquiry, the course is challenging, yet it proves valuable to students who make the effort to succeed in the work. Effective writing and communication are essential in any occupation, and are primary factors in career advancement.

Contact Dr. Paul Walker, composition coordinator.


Lowry Center Writing Workshops 

Any ENG 105 student is eligible to attend. Check out the October 2013 workshop schedule.



Dr. Paul Walker 

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