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Area in Music

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

CIP 50.0999.02

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University Studies Requirements 41-47 hours

MUS 098 Recital Attendance and Assembly(1) 

MUS 099 Transitions

MUS 114-119 Applied Lesson

(two semesters at two credits per semester)(2) 

MUS 170 Theory I

MUS 171 Aural Skills I

MUS 172 Functional Keyboard I(3) 

MUS 173 Theory II

MUS 174 Aural Skills II

MUS 175 Functional Keyboard II(3) 

MUS 214-219 Applied Lesson

(two semesters at two credits per semester)(2) 

MUS 270 Theory III

MUS 271 Aural Skills III 

MUS 273 Theory IV 

MUS 274 Aural Skills IV

MUS 314-319 Applied Lesson

(two semesters at one or two credits per semester)(4, 5)

MUS 323 Basic Conducting

MUS 381 Music History and Literature I

MUS 382 Music History and Literature II 

MUS 383 Music History and Literature III 

MUS 392 Professional Engagement Experience 

MUS 414-419 Applied Lesson

(two semesters at one or two credits per semester)(4, 5) 

MUS 497 Final Project(4)


MUS 498 Senior Recital(5)

Theory elective: MUS 511, 512 or 513

Ensembles: Students are required to participate in a major ensemble involving their primary instrument concurrent with every semester of applied music study. Major ensembles include Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, University Orchestra, Concert Band, University Chorale, and Concert Choir. Some performance areas have more specific requirements. Students should consult their advisors and applied lesson teachers for detailed requirements.

Electives .......................................................................15-25 hrs

Total Curriculum Requirements .................................. 120 hrs

(1)Six successful semesters of MUS 098 are required. To successfully complete the course each semester the student must gain credit for 13 approved recitals and have no more than one absence from required assembly programs.

(2)Applied music is studied for four semesters at two credit hours per semester and four additional semesters at one or two credit hours per semester. Voice majors must register for MUS 225 and MUS 226.

(3)Non-keyboard majors must study piano or take the appropriate functional keyboard class for two semesters. All keyboard majors must pass the Functional Keyboard IV competency exam. Keyboard majors who have fulfilled the functional keyboard requirement may elect to study another instrument (e.g., organ, harpsichord, voice, etc.) with the approval of the academic advisor.

(4)Research track. The student more interested in research than applied music has the option of taking applied music instruction for two credit hours each semester for four semesters and then taking one credit hour of instruction for an additional four semesters. The student in the research track will take four credit hours of course work related to his/her area of research with the presentation of a final project (MUS 497) as the culmination of this study.

Research project. In lieu of a recital, the student may propose a scholarly document. The proposal may be presented as early as the beginning of the fifth semester of study and no later than after the sixth semester of study. The proposal is prepared under the guidance of the student’s advisor and submitted to a three-member committee.

(5)Performance track. The student interested in performance has the option of taking applied music instruction for two credit hours each semester for eight semesters. The culmination of study will be the senior recital (MUS 498).

Recital. The student, in consultation with the applied teacher and the academic advisor, makes a preliminary decision at the end of the fourth semester of study toward either the performance or research track. The final decision must be made by the end of the sixth semester of study. If the performance track is chosen, a half-recital will be performed. 

The requirements listed above are an example of what is applicable to most students entering Murray State University at the present time. Criteria as they may relate to individual students may vary. The primary source is the Undergraduate Bulletin applicable at the time of the student enrollment.

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