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Frequently Asked Questions

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CyberCave Academy FAQ

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  • Q: If I am 18 years old, do my parents have to sign my application and registration forms?

  • Q: We live near MSU…can my son/daughter commute to camp instead of staying on campus?

  • Q: When will I know I have been accepted into a camp?

  • Q: I know camp the cost of camp is $100, but should I bring any other money with me?

  • Q: What should I bring to Academy?

  • Q: Can I choose my roommate for the week?

  • Q: Are there any phones in the residential colleges?

  • Q: Are the dorms coed?

  • Q: My son/daughter has dietary restrictions; will this be a problem while at camp?

  • Q: What is the selection criteria for camp?

  • Q: How are the bathrooms/showers situated? Is it one bathroom connecting two rooms, or is there a single, large facility for every section of dorms?

  • Q: Is there a refrigerator located in the room/will we have access to ice during our stay?

  • Q: If we do not have our own laptop to bring, will we be able to access a computer lab on campus when we have alone time?

  • Q: From reading some information on your website, I understand cellphones are supposed to stay inside the dorms. I usually have problems getting service inside buildings; will I be allowed to take my cellphone outside to make calls if needed?

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