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  Summer 2015 Tuition Rates    

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

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  Doctoral Per Hr.  
Kentucky $584.00
Non-Resident $854.50
          *The following counties will receive the Kentucky Instate rate:   Tennessee: Henry, Montgomery, Obion, Stewart, and Weakley Counties        WEB/KYVC Course Tuition and Fees WEB/KYVU course tuition and fees are separate from REGULAR tuition and fees. All WEB/KYVU courses are charged per hour, without a maximum amount.    
   Doctoral Per Hour
WEB/KYVU Tuition $746.00
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Students may elect to place money into Declining Balance. The Declining Balance may be used at any food service location. Freshmen and sophomore students may use declining balance in addition to their required meal plan purchase. Dollars may be carried over from one semester to the next. Refunds for Declining Balances are also available during the last two weeks of the semester or when the student leaves the university as long as the ending balance is $10 or more.

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