Meal Plan Options

All Access

Unlimited access to Winslow Dining Hall for the entire semester. May enter as many times per day as you wish for meals, snacks and beverages. Also includes eight (8) Winslow guest meals to spend on family and friends and $75 Flex to spend at other campus dining venues. Through Friday, September 9th students have a one-time option to purchase an additional $75 Flex for $65.

This plan, while available to all students, is required for freshmen living on campus.

All Access

Plan option Winslow Meal Flex dollars Price per semester
175/400 175 meals $400 $1,830 
Take-out option available.
150/300 150 meals $300 $1,763
Take-out option available.

Flex-only plans


Plan option Flex dollars Price per semester
Bronze $385 $385
Silver $550 $550
Copper $1,000 $950
Platinum $1,200 $1,100

 Winslow option
Add 10 Winslow meals to any Flex plan for $75.