2014 Summer School Housing Application

Murray State University
Housing/Residence Life
206 Stewart Stadium

Phone #:

White Hall (subject to change) will be used as our summer school housing facility (Summer 2014).  Residents staying on campus for summer school MUST be enrolled in summer classes.

Summer Housing Rates
Weekly Double Rate:  $122
Weekly Private Rate:  $177.50

5 Week Double Rate:  $610 5 Week Private Rate:  $887.50

Request for Housing Reasonable Accommodations
Federal law requires the university to provide reasonable housing accommodations for students with disabilities.  If you need to request a reasonable accommodation for housing, you must complete a Request for Housing Reasonable Accommodations Form.  It should be noted that requests for accommodations can be initiated at any time.  However, it is recommended that requests for the fall semesters be received by May 31; for spring semesters by December 15 and for summer terms, one month prior to the first day of class.  This form is also available in the Housing Office, 206 Stewart Stadium.

1) If you do not currently live on-campus and you are ONLY staying on-campus for the summer you are still required to pay a $150 housing deposit. Please contact our office for payment options and refund information.
2) Please indicate if you are planning to live on-campus for the upcoming fall semester.
3) If, yes, and you did not live on campus during the spring semester, you must submit a separate housing application and $150 housing deposit.
4) Please visit our website - http://murraystate.edu/Campus/Housing.aspx - to access our fall housing application.
Please check all sessions that you will be enrolled in classes for the summer.
1) Please check all that apply:

2) Roommate preference
Please note: Roommate requests must be mutual. Each roommate must submit this form individually.
If space permits, would you prefer a private room?
Please note: There is an additional cost to having a private room. Please see our summer school housing rates above.
1) Residents may check-in one day prior to their first summer session beginning.
2) Residents are expected to check-out no later than one day after their last summer session ends.