Residential College Council (RCC)

White College Sharks,
Our community is one of the reasons we are great! Residential College Council is a great way to get further involved in White College’s community and being involved in decision making processes. If you have any questions about getting involved, please feel free to get ahold of anyone on the RCC board. Also the RCC holds meetings every Monday night at 9pm, if you want to see what is going on in White!
The purpose of the RCC shall be to promote the following needs and rights of the members of White College:
·          Adequate facilities, 
·          Health and safety of its members, 
·          Academic and athletic events, 
·          Participatory governance, 
·          Respect, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, 
·          Fair and judicious treatment. 
 Below are our list of current officers and their contact information.
Residential College Council



Brianna Hernandez 


Vice President                       


Sam Maue 



Celebrity Duncan 




 Breanna Watkins 




Kelsie Bewley 




Lydia Kiesewetter 

Female Athletic Director


Katerina Sparks 


Male Athletic Director


Adam Warren 


SGA Representatives


 Yifan Xu 



 Maris McConnell 


RCA Representative


 Josh Jachim 


 Dining Representatives

 Tiffany Grasch 



 Lydia Biggs 



Cody Duncan 


 To view the White College RCC Constitution, Click Here! A download should appear, click on it to view the Constitution.