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Happy RA Appreciation Week to all of our RA's!!! You guys are awesome!!!

RA Events this week!!!!

Caleb: Stress Relief  Balloons with the Active Minds Student Orginization. Nov 21st @ 7pm

John: Lillie and John will be having a program Tuesday Nov. 19th. It will be root beer pong!

Kaitlyn: Picture Telephone Nov 25th @ 7pm

Kelsey: the 6th floor will be decorating their floor on Tuesday Nov. 19th.

Lillie: Lillie and John will be having a program Tuesday Nov. 19th. It will be root beer pong!

Nicole: Stress Relief Balloons with the Active Minds Student Orginization. Nov 21st @ 7pm


 Congratulations to the New Vice-President Emily , the New Male AD, Nolan, the New Female AD Tommy!

While we are sad to see him go, Kevin will no longer be The Co-College Head Assistant, he will become an RA at Regents Next Semester, but remember, once a shark always a shark.

White hall welcomes all to come out and support or participate in any of the activities/events happening in the Month of November! 



 We are all a team here! Please try to encourage your friends at White College!

       Secretary – Taylor Fischer

i. PRSSA is having their biggest event of the semester on Wednesday, Nov. 20th called Plymouth Rock. It will be at Mr. J’s from 8pm-midnight. There is a $5 admission cost, and there will be face painting, raffles, a dance competition, a dj, and much more! Come out and have fun!!

       Historian – Brandi

i. Brandi would like to try to make the polar bear cornhole tournament a weekly event!

    President – Kenley

          i. This will be our last RCC meeting.

ii. On January 28th next semester, we would like to have a dinner and event at the T-room. You are required to participate in the event if you go to the dinner. We will have to meet with Regents’ RCC and ensure that we will get more than 150 people there.

iv. This week is RA appreciation week! Say thanks!

v. Senior breakfast will be Nov. 21st. Brandean is our outstanding senior.

vi. Thank you to those who donated items to Georgia. She really appreciated it!

vii. Nov. 23rd is Racer day.

viii. Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 is Thanksgiving break.

                   ix. Dec. 2-6 is dead week. There will be no programs being held.

x. Dec. 8 is midnight breakfast from 9pm-midnight.

xi. We will be putting a box on each floor for item donations for the tornado relief fund. There will be a list of items on each box. Please donate!!! We will also be trying to raise money. There will be a collection box on the front desk.

xii. Our theme for the hanging of the green will be How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Our program will involve making Grinch masks.

xiii. White college won the annual Dean’s Debate!

     Special Reports

a.       College Head Assistant

ii. Kylee: She and Kevin will be having a Holiday Party Program on possibly Dec. 7th. There will be Christmas movies playing! Please feel free to bring food, especially dessert! And wear an ugly sweater!

b.      Athletic Director(s)

i. Brandean: The tournament starts on Thursday Nov. 21st. Residential team plays at 6 pm and independent plays at 9pm. From Sunday 6pm-8pm there will be male basketball tryouts in Carr health.

ii. Emily: Girls play Thursday Nov. 21st at 7pm.

c.       College Head

i. We will need to find a person to replace Kevin’s spot on the academic team. We also need to find a reader for the tournament we will be hosting as well as someone to take score.

d.      Residence Director

          i. This week is RA appreciation week! Please thank you!

h.      SGA Representative

i. They will be doing research studies that they want freshman to be involved in. If there are any freshman willing to participate please see Tommy.

ii. Racer recruitment is looking for people to recruit within their counties. Please see Tommy is interested!

iii. Honors students are the only people able to priority register. SGA is looking for opinions if this needs to change. Please see Tommy if you have any ideas or comments.

i.        RCA Representative

          i. Lillie: Our theme for the NRHH banquet next semester will be: Disney

          ii. Keep submitting OTMs!

iii. T-room’s holiday dinner is Wednesday Nov. 20th. Winslow’s holiday dinner is Thursday Nov. 21st.

j.        Other (PR, Food Service Rep, Bookstore Rep)

          i. FYL – Mike: Thanks to everyone who came to the pool party event!

ii. Next semester they will be extending the time and locations of Pony Express.

  •  The Offshore will be on the right side of the informational case as you get off of the elevators! Be sure to check it every week for upcoming events and programs.  If you have anything  that you would like to see on the Off Shore, please contact Kevin Smith or Kylee Fink  at ksmith81@murraystate.edu or kfink@murraystate.edu

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