Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to the community through service with non-profit organizations.


  1. Nominees must have a minimum Cumulative GPA 2.25.
  2. Nominees must be in good standing with MurrayStateUniversity.
  3. Nominees must have at least 100 hours of documented volunteer service.
  4. Nominees must submit the Grade Authorization form to 111 Curris Center.

Submit a nominee

Nominators need to have the nominee submit an activity resume with a detailed listing of their student involvement. If no resume is available, please list their organization(s) or activity involvement, the dates of the positions, and the office(s) held. Four sets must be submitted to 111 Curris Center.
Explain how this person's extracurricular work and leadership contributed positively to the campus environment.
Letter(s) to support are encouraged, but not required. If written, four sets must be submitted to 111 Curris Center.