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Outstanding Educational Program
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Outstanding Educational Program


To maintain a safe environment during all chapter functions, to ensure each member understands the importance of personal responsibility, to function in compliance with organizational and university policies, and to promote awareness of critical issues (drugs, alcohol, diversity, health, etc.) that may affect our members.

 Award Criteria: 

1. Include written outline of national or chapter risk management policy.

2. Chapter must not have been sanctioned in any way by IFC, NPHC, Panhellenic, or MSU for any violation of university policy regarding alcohol or drugs during the last two semesters.

3. Each chapter should sponsor or attend at least one drug and alcohol awareness seminar for its members.  Also must include program outline.*Required risk management meeting by the Office of Greek Life with Major Jody Cash does not count.* 

4. Chapter should attend or sponsor at least one seminar on rape, gender relations, and race relations, mental/physical health awareness, eating disorders, etc.  Include all appropriate supporting materials, including percentage of members attending.

   5. The following questions should also be addressed: 

  • Name of the speaker/program.
  • Explain the preparation involved with the program.
  • What type of effect did this program have on your chapter?
  • Why did your chapter choose this educational program?
  • Why is the program deserving of the title of Outstanding Educational Program?

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