Health Fairs

Racer Wellness provides two Health Fairs per academic year on the Murray campus as well as one in the spring semester on the BVC campus in Hopkinsville. All three Health Fairs are open to ALL employees / spouses / retirees from all campuses.


Fall 2013 Health Fair (main campus)
  • Wednesday, October 23rd / Curris Center Ballroom (3rd level)

Pre-draw for Health Fair:

  •  Tuesday, October 8th / Curris Center Cumberland Room (3rd level) / 7:00am - 10:30am

The pre-draw allows employees/spouses/retirees who cannot make it to the Health Fair (or who would prefer to get blood drawn in a smaller setting) another date to get their blood screenings completed. This will screen for total cholesterol as well as blood glucose. Please remember to fast 12 hours prior to your draw, but to drink plenty of water and take medicine as prescribed. You will receive your draw on a first-come, first served basis.