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Information for group participants
Information for group participants

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Information for Group Participants

If you would like to participate in a group fitness class, remember the following:

  • Notify the instructor if you are new to a class.
  • Notify the instructor and/or facility supervisor immediately of equipment malfunctions
  • Exercise at your own risk.
  • Group Fitness schedule is subject to change with little notice.
  • Classes must meet minimum participant numbers to remain on the schedule.



Frequently asked questions

Q.  Do I have to pay to participate in group fitness classes?

A.  No. As a member of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center you have access to all group fitness classes.

Q.  Do I have to sign up for classes?

A. Yes. All participants have to reserve a spot in a class. For reserving a spot in a group fitness class, you must call the Wellness at 809-6000. Starting the day of the class participants can call to reserve a spots, in a class. No reservation will be taken before 7:30am.

Q. Can I see if I can participate in a group fitness class right before it starts without calling?

A.  Yes, as long as the class is not already full you are welcome to join.

Q.  What if the class is full?

A.  When you call and the class is full, a standby list is put into place. The next 2 participants who call in a spot, after the class is filled, are told they are put on the standby list. If one of the participants who reserved a spot do not show up for the class, the first standby person is allowed to participate in the class.

Q.  What times do you offer the group fitness classes?

A.   The group fitness class schedule can be found on the Murray State University Student Recreation and Wellness Center website, Facebook, the RacerNet Event Calendar and at the front desk.

Q.  What happens if I bring a guest with me? Can they participate too?

A.  Yes, but only if they pay five dollar guest fee.

Q.  What if a piece of equipment is broken?

A.   Notify the instructor immediately. If the piece of equipment breaks outside of class then notify the front desk immediately.

Q.  What if I become interested in becoming an instructor for a class already offered or for a new class?

A.   Excellent! The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is always looking for more instructors and new ideas. Please contact Sara Bynum at sbynum@murraystate.edu or call her at 809-4458.   

Q.  I have a suggestion or a comment about a class I am taking or wanting to see on the schedule, who do I tell?

A. You can put your comments/suggestions in the box at the front counter on the evaluation.


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