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Officers and Directors

2013-2014 Officers

BFAS President  Dr. Crystal Coleman 

Dr. Crystal Rae Coel Coleman (Esquire)

President & Facilitator

Director of Speech and Debate

Department of Organizational Communication

Head of Elizabeth College

Author of THE Presentation Guide Book

321B Wilson Hall

111 Elizabeth Hall

(270) 809-4467

(270) 809-5487

Email: ccoleman@murraystate.edu


Vice President  Ms. Caroline Atkins 

Ms. Caroline Atkins

Vice President


Training Resource Center

Center for Continuing Education and Academic Outreach

240 Wells Hall

Tel: (270) 809-2052 (in state and out of state)  (877) 994-9970 (in state only)

Email: ccrump@murraystate.edu

BFSA Secretary Carruth Kitrell

Ms. Carruth Kitrell


Administrative Assistant

Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Dean’s Office

201 Industry and Technology Center

Tel: (270) 809-2888   

Email: ckitrell@murraystate.edu



 Photo of Treasurer Dr. Donald Adongo

Dr. Donald Adongo


Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics  

6A-7 Faculty Hall

Tel: (270) 809-2490   

Email: dadongo@murraystate.edu



Photo of Duffy

Ms. Camisha Pierce Duffy

Director of Electronic Communications (ex-officio officer)

Executive Director

Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Access

103 Wells Hall

Tel: (270) 809-3155

Email: cduffy@murraystate.edu



Senior Advisors

Senior advisors are a few BFSA members with extensive experience in higher education. These BFSA members may act as consultants for the Executive Board concerning certain issues and developments on and off campus.


Photo of man in a cap Algie Graves

Mr. Algie Graves (Retiree)


Tel: (270) 206-8678

Email: agraves@murraystate.edu


Photo Dr Steve Jones

Dr. Steve Jones

Professor Emeritus

Email: sjones@murraystate.edu



female not pictured image

Ms. Doris Saunders

Coordinator of KTAP

2.5-C Lowry Center

Tel: (270) 809-5374





Ms. Re'Nita Avery Meriwether

Director of Event Planning and Activities
Director of Curris Center Operations and Student Life
314 Curris Center
Tel: (270) 809-6985

Email: rmeriwether@murraystate.edu


Photo - Sonya Baker

Dr. Sonya Baker

Director of Arts and Entertainment
Associate Dean

College of Fine Arts

Professor of Music

519 Price Doyle Fine Arts
Tel: (270) 809-6446
Email: sbaker@murraystate.edu



Dr. Debbie Owens

Director of Media Affairs

Associate Professor

Graduate Program Director

Department of Journalism and Mass Communications

116-B Wilson Hall
Tel: (270) 809-6318
Email: dowens@murraystate.edu


 photo of Dr. Barbara Washington



Dr. Barbara Washington                                                                                 

   Director of Professional Development Initiatives                                                                 


   Department of Adolescent, Career and Special Education                     

3214 Alexander Hall                                       

Tel: (270) 809-2262                                       

Email: bwashington@murraystate.edu



 Mr. Michael Young                                                                                            

Director of Scholarships                                                                                              

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs                                               

4th Floor Wells Hall
Tel: (270) 809-6833
Email: myoung@murraystate.edu



A Director of Staff Relations is a BFSA member and a member of the MSU community for at least one semester. He/she shall serve as a resource for area achievements or concerns among employees within the same job family. He/she shall consult with the BFSA President on issues, concerns and developments within their respective employment communities.


Mr. Robert "Bobby" Daniels                                   

Director of Staff Relations for Housing                                              

Coordinator of Housing Maintenance

Housing & Residence Life
206 Stewart Stadium
Tel: (270) 809-2310
Email: rdaniels1@murraystate.edu


Ms. Charletter Ellis

Director of Staff Relations for Administrative Assistants/Clerical

Mid-America Remote Sensing Center (MARC)

439  Blackburn Science
Tel: (270) 809-2149



Photo of man in a cap Algie Graves

Mr. Algie Graves (Retiree)

Director of Staff Relations for Facilities Management (Retiree)

Tel: (270) 206-8678

Email: agraves@murraystate.edu




Ms. Geri Hester

Director of Staff Relations for Extension Campuses

Site Representative 

MSU-Fort Campbell

Tel: (270) 798-2660


Ms. Regina Hudspeth

Director of Staff Relations for Career Services

Career Services

Murray State University

100 Oakley Applied Science Bldg

Tel: (270) 809-2907

Email: vhudspeth@murraystate.edu


Mr. J.W. Foster 

Director of Staff Relations for Dining Services

Dining and Racer Hospitality Services

101 Curris Center
Tel: (270) 809-6990


 Photo -  James Mayes

Mr. James Mayes

Director of Staff Relations for Public Safety

Patrol Officer

Public Safety & Emergency Management

101 Public Safety Building

Tel: (270) 809-2222

Email: jmayes7@murraystate.edu


male not pictured

Mr. Johnny Simon

Director of Staff Relations for Military Personnel

Military Science Instructor/APMS

211 Blackburn Science Building
Tel: (270) 809-5098


Mr. Morris White

Director of Staff Relations for Athletics

Director of Marketing & Promotions

217 Stewart Stadium
Tel: (270) 809-3517





Ms. Roslyn White

Director of Staff Relations for Professional Staff

Associate Director for African American Recruitment

Office of Recruitment

102 Curris Center
Tel: (270) 809-3088


Photo of Dr. Yayenie 

Dr. Omer Yayenie

Director of Staff Relations for Faculty

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

6C-1 Faculty Hall

Tel: (270) 809-2492

Email: oyayenie@murraystate.edu




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