Ashland Oil Professorship

Ashland Oil College of Education Endowed Professorship

Established: December 3, 1999

Current Professor: Vacant

The purpose of this endowment is to establish an Endowed Professorship in the College of Education. The professorship will be designed to enhance collaboration with the public schools in elementary, middle and/or high school education.

The College of Education is using the Endowed Professorship funds to create the Ashland Oil College of Education Distinguished Practitioner/Lecturer position to augment and support the salary and activities of a position within the College of Education to attract qualified African American candidates from the public schools. If the candidate does not hold a terminal degree, the funds could be used to support a person in pursuit of such a degree, supporting the university’s desire to enhance the number of minority faculty on campus.

The primary focus of the professorship is to facilitate university faculty and public school teachers and administrators to explore collaborative partnerships and relationships to enhance teacher-training quality. Current demands and legislation such as No Child Left Behind underscore the need for such collaboration. With this in mind, the recipient of the Ashland Oil College of Education Endowed Professorship (Distinguished Practitioner/Lecturer) will be responsible for participating in the planning and development of programs which will afford teacher education candidates experiences in programs demonstrating current best practices at both the university and the public school levels.