Graduate Assistantships

Earn while you learn

Don’t let finances come between you and your dreams. Check out the assistantships available at MSU to support students seeking their graduate degree. Graduate assistantships are available in most departments for highly qualified graduate students.

There are four types of graduate assistantships that may be awarded: Teaching, Research, Academic, and Public Service.

  • Teaching Assistants are responsible for the instruction of a course and other responsibilities that accompany that assignment such as grading papers, meeting with students, assisting in classes/laboratories, etc.
    • Each Teaching Assistant is eligible for a $500.00 tuition reimbursement per semester from the Provost Office.
    • Schedule corrections are required and should be submitted with PA.
  • Research Assistants assist professors in academic research, while perhaps also conducting their own projects.
  • Academic Assistants assist in the duties of an academic area which may include helping to grade papers or proctor tests, preparing materials for classes, meeting with students, assisting or conducting projects and workshops, etc.
  • Public Service Assistants assist campus personnel in a particular area of expertise in providing a service to the public (i.e., local, regional, or state; economic, civic, non-profit, Regional Stewardship, or campus based).

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