Funding Opportunities

SUBJECT MAILING LISTS - OSP receives funding opportunities from several sources. To help OSP disseminate these opportunities to appropriate faculty and staff, OSP has developed Subject Mailing Lists. OSP's mailing lists are divided up into subject areas to ensure you are receiving information about opportunities that apply to your work. The lists are as follows:

Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
Economic/Community Development
Health/Mental Health

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 

To subscribe to a list please email OSP at In the email subject line please type the area(s) of your choice from the list above. You are welcome to subscribe to more than one list. 

Resource User Guide - OSP has prepared a Resource Guide to assist you in using several of the resources below.

The Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) is a primary database which the OSP staff uses to locate appropriate funding opportunities for MSU faculty, administration, students and regional organizations which partner with MSU. The SPIN funding database is IP address protected so you may connect to SPIN from any computer on the MSU network. If you would like to search SPIN from home, please send the OSP your request and a password will be set and emailed to you.

The Sponsored Programs Information Network Researcher Matching and Transmittal System (SMARTS) works in conjunction with the SPIN database. Using SMARTS, MSU faculty, administration, students can build funding profiles which interact with SPIN to receive funding opportunities via email which match specific search criteria. SMARTS is IP address protected so you may connect to SMARTS from any computer on the MSU network. If you would like to use SMARTS from home, please send the OSP your request and a password will be set and emailed to you. 

The Grants Resource Center - GrantSearch is a password protected resource.  Please contact OSP to learn how to access GrantSearch.

Foundations - Foundation Center - Includes a limited version of their Search Grantmakers data base.

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