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Writing Across the Curriculum
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Writing Across the Curriculum

The writing across the curriculum (WAC) pedagogical movement believes that writing and thinking are closely related; therefore, when students use writing for inquiry and problem solving, they simultaneously learn the material and become better writers. WAC programs, like MSU’s, believe that writing and writing instruction should occur across the university curriculum and throughout a student’s education.  Like other WAC programs, MSU’s program acknowledges the differences in writing conventions across the disciplines, and believes that students learn their discipline and discipline-specific conventions best by practicing those conventions.  MSU’s WAC program is designed to help faculty help their students become stronger and more informed writers. 

For more information, visit the WAC website here.


WAC Ambassadors Roster 2011-12

WAC Ambassadors Roster 2010-11 

WAC Annual Report 2011-12

WAC Annual Report 2010-11

WAC College Subcommittees Roster, March 2012

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