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Program for Achieving Student Success

This program provides a more comprehensive level of support for incoming freshmen or new transfer students. In addition to necessary accommodations; PROJECT PASS includes the following areas of support:

  1. Extra Help during Summer Orientation – (No additional fee). Student Disability Services staff members are available to help with the selection of courses.
  2. Smooth Move Into College – (Fee is approximately $150.00).  Incoming SDS freshmen will be allowed to move into their MSU residential college three full days before the rest of the incoming freshmen.  This extra time allows for a more leisurely move in and then provides two days of study skills workshops to ensure a more successful transition to college. (Vocational Rehabilitation may pay this fee).
  3. Specialized Classes – (No additional fee).
    • English 105 – Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry (fall semester-freshman year). Two sections of this four-credit class are reserved for SDS students.  The SDS study skills teacher collaborates with the English professor to maximize success for qualified students. (Minimum English ACT score of 18).
    • FYE 098 – New Student Orientation (fall semester-freshman year). This one-credit course is designed to assist SDS students with the development of necessary skills for a successful first semester in college.  Career guidance activities will also be included in this class.  
    • REA 120 – College Study Skills (spring semester-freshman year).  This one-credit course is designed to assist SDS students with instruction in improving their study skills.  Emphasis is placed on transferring learned information to a specific course.
    • REA 121 – Advanced Reading and Study Skills Improvement (fall semester-sophomore year).  This one-credit course is a continuation of REA 120.  It is designed to be taken in conjunction with CIV 201.
  4. Project Mentor –
    • Students receive individualized assistance with learning effective strategies for organizing and studying course-related assignments.  This work may include any of the following: content tutoring, organization/time management skills, writing skills and test-taking strategies. 
    • A minimum of two hours per week is recommended for the first three semesters at Murray State University.


Hours per Week

In-State Semester Fee

Out of State Semester Fee
















(Kentucky Vocational Rehabilitation will pay this fee for eligible students.)

  • Students who voluntarily access the PROJECT PASS program must use all available support services for the required three semesters.

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