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Ten Things To Know About The Women's Center

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Ten Things To Know About The Women's Center

1. The Women's Center is NOT just for WOMEN! We recognize that MEN deal with these issues as well and we work to engage and support MEN in all our programs!


2. We are now located in Applied Science suite C-103.


3. We have lots of friendly faces and plenty of coffee and hot tea!


4. We offer numerous volunteer opportunities for those that need a place to belong or for upperclassmen doing a practicum or internship in a relevant field.


5. We have a library with current books, videos, journals, pamphlets, and hand-outs dealing with issues relevant to college life such as stress management, sexual assault, body image, healthy relationships, etc.


6. We are the home of the G.R.O.W. (Growing into Respected Outstanding Women) mentoring program.


7. We can assist you in finding resources for substance abuse, unplanned pregnancy and other issues you might face.


8. We offer individual counseling for students, faculty, and staff who are in need of one on one support.


9. We offer presentations, workshops, and have speakers throughout the school year around campus for various causes.


10. We offer special programs/events campus-wide geared to students' health and well-being such as B.E. S.A.F.E. Week, Eating Disorders Awareness Week and many others!

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