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101 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

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101 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

Feeling stressed or down? Don't! Read these 101 things you can do to celebrate yourself and give you that "me-time" you've been wanting for so long. 

1. Watch a sunset.

2. Go out for an ice cream.

3. Sleep with your cat or dog.

4. Give or take a compliment.

5. Pick yourself flowers.

6. Get a massage.

7. Wish on a star.

8. Go on a picnic.

9. Play hopscotch.

10. Smile at a stranger.

11. Take a nap.

12. Gaze at the clouds.

13. Daydream.

14. Open the door for a stranger.

15. Volunteer.

16. Make mudpies.

17. Get in touch with an old friend.

18. Have a good cry.

19. Tell your parents you love them.

20. Play hookey.

21. Write down ten things to be thankful for.

22. Play with Playdough.

23. Take a long drive.

24. Walk down a country road.

25. Bake (and eat) a chocolate cake.

26. Go on a boat ride.

27. Take a picture with your friends.

28. Play in the rain.

29. Make snow angels.

30. Play the piano.

31. Don't wear any make-up for a day.

32. Listen to the birds chirping.

33. Paint your toenails red.

34. Climb a tree.

35. Write down ten things about yourself that are unique.

36. Feed the birds.

37. Go fishing at night.

38. Go on  a bike ride.

39. Write a poem.

40. Spend time with your parents.

41. Watch television.

42. Paint your room.

43. Have a slumber party.

44. Laugh until your stomach hurts.

45. Write a letter.

46. Send yourself a card.

47. Be your own valentine.

48. Rent your favorite movie.

49. Meditate.

50. Sunbathe.

51. Play Twister.

52. Drink lemonade.

53. Get a pet.

54. Make a new friend.

55. Turn the ringer off of your phone.

56. Buy new underwear.

57. Go swimming.

58. Have a long talk with a friend.

59. Go ice-skating.

60. Tell yourself you're beautiful.

61. Write in a journal.

62. Go shopping.

63. Drink a Cherry Coke.

64. Go to bed early.

65. Exercise.

66. Take a road trip.

67. Play guitar.

68. Take a long, warm bubble bath.

69. Listen to classical music.

70. Sing in the shower.

71. Be with your friends.

72. Go camping.

73. Eat popcorn.

74. Ride horses.

75. Read a good book.

76. Play a board game.

77. Ride with your windows rolled down.

78. Start a garden.

79. Watch a black and white movie.

80. Go to the park.

81. Fly a kite.

82. Go to a movie by yourself.

83. Make a collage.

84. Dance.

85. Eat dinner by candlelight.

86. Go to the circus.

87. Go to a Drive In.

88. Start a blog.

89. Visit a nursing home or center for senior citizens.

90. Get a pen-pal.

91. Pick apples from an apple tree.

92. Take pictures of your surroundings.

93. Join a book club.

94. Visit a place you've never been before.

95. Send thank you cards to those who have influenced you.

96. Watch an interesting documentary.

97. Donate your old clothes to a shelter.

98. Give Hershey's Kisses to people.

99. Read a comic book.

100. Re-decorate your bedroom and/or house.

101. Look through old photos.

Tell us what YOU do to celebrate yourself by tweeting us @MsuWomensCenter on Twitter.


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