The Payroll office is responsible for:

* payroll tax with holdings and W2 form preparation
* developing payroll schedules
* processing year end tax forms
* processing hourly paid employee time reports
* processing monthly paid employee leave reports


Payroll Staff

Stephanie Jennings, Assistant Director, General Accounting
Phone - (270) 809-4170

Michelle Clark, Payroll Manager
Phone - (270) 809-4175

Kayla Gachoka, Assistant Payroll Manager
Phone - (270) 809-6309

Diane BlakelyAccounting Assistant I
Phone - (270) 809-4174

Katie Dowdy, Payroll Specialist
Phone - (270) 809-6350

June Welter, Payroll Assistant
Phone - (270) 809-4174

Tina Sharp, Accounting Specialist
Phone - (270) 809-4129



Cellular Services Stipend Authorization
* Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) Access Request
* Fringe Benefit Form
K4 - KY Income Tax Deduction Form
Labor Redistribution
Late Leave Report for Unreported Absences
Late Timesheet Request
Leave Report Correction Form
Payroll Proxy for Time/Leave Reporting 
Stop Payment Request (pdf)
Timesheet Correction
W4 - Federal Income Tax Deduction Form

 Procedures & Other Info

EPAF Cheat Sheet FAQ
EPAF Originator Instructions for a Student Job
EPAF Originator Instructions for First Hire Students
EPAF Originator Instructions for Graduate Assistant PAs
EPAF Instructions for Approvers
EPAF Instructions for Viewing Originator Summary
EPAF Originator Instructions for Creating Default Routing Queue
EPAF Originator Instructions for Pay Change
EPAF Instructions for Approving as a Proxy
How to Receive Your W-2 Electronically
* W-2 Notice To Employees
* Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2013
Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2014
* Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2015
* Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2016
Cellular Services Stipend Procedure
December 2011 Campus Communication-Cell Phone
* Direct Deposit Instructions
* Electronic W-2 Printing Instructions
Employee Leave Balance Instructions (PEALEAVE)
FY17 Benefits Calculation Chart (pdf)
Job Approver/Proxy Information
Late Leave and Time Report Penalties
Leave Report Approval Instructions
Leave Report Instruction for "No Time Taken"
Leave Report Submission Instructions
* Monthly Payroll Schedule 2014
* Monthly Payroll Schedule 2015
* Monthly Payroll Schedule 2016
"No Time Taken" Monthly Reporting Instructions
Online Time Card/Leave Report FAQ
Reporting "No Leave Taken" FAQ
Reporting "No Leave/Time Taken" Instructions