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Security and Safety Information

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As part of the University’s security and safety information program, Murray State Police conducts a variety of educational programs for students and employees. Examples include meeting with prospective students and parents during Summer Orientation sessions, meetings with faculty and staff during Academic College meetings, and general sessions throughout the year to which the campus community is invited. These programs include general information on the safety and security of the campus as well as prevention and reporting of crime. Additionally, more specialized sessions are presented on the prevention and reporting of sexual offenses, general crime prevention and reporting, and numerous personal safety concerns. Information is also published and disseminated regularly via campus-wide e-mail, flyers, posters, brochures, newsletters, local news media, and University news media. 

Safety and security related programs are part of the many programs coordinated by Housing staff throughout the academic year. Officers participate in presenting these programs. Other campus groups also sponsor educational programs such as alcohol and drug abuse prevention. 

Security Awareness Programs include:

Escort service- This service provides escorts on campus in an attempt to encourage students, faculty, staff, and visitors not to walk alone. Escorts are primarily performed by Racer Patrol. However, if a request is received during a period of time when Racer Patrol is not on duty, an Officer will provide the escort. 

Emergency Call Boxes- Emergency Call Boxes are located throughout the Academic and Residential sides of campus as well as at the West Farm Complex. Each Call Box is connected directly to the Murray State Police Telecommunications Center and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Bicycle Registration- The Murray State Police conducts registration programs throughout the Residential College and College Courts Apartment Complexes throughout the year. Bicycle owners may also register their bikes at the Murray State Police Department. Bicycle registration is provided free of charge. A database is maintained of registered bicycles and is used to identify found bikes. Information of registered bicycles is also forwarded to the Murray Police Department. 

Operation Identification- This is a theft prevention program offered by the Department that assists in marking and documenting serial numbers on personal property. During educational programs, Officers encourage theft prevention through recommended safe practices as well as information on how to report a theft. 

Security Reviews- This is a service provided to the University community, including building and workspace reviews. This service is offered to extended campus locations as well. 

Lighting Reviews- This is a multi-department service that is provided semi-annually. During this review, representatives from the Police Department, Facilities Management, Student Affairs, Student Government Association, and other faculty/staff groups review exterior lighting on campus. The review includes a comprehensive tour of the campus. 

Crime Prevention Education- Educational programs on crime prevention are provided by the Department upon request. These programs promote awareness concerning personal safety as well as property protection. These programs are applicable throughout the entire campus. 

Alcohol/Drug Awareness and Education- Educational programs on alcohol/drug awareness, abuse, and consequences are provided by the Department upon request. These programs promote awareness concerning alcohol/drug abuse and consequences. Groups targeted are each Residential College , fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations. The use of “drunk goggles” as a tool to demonstrate alcohol impairment is a resource example.

Crime Stoppers- The Murray State Police Department participates in the local Crime Stoppers program. Crime Stoppers is a program to reward individuals for providing information leading to the arrest, indictment, and/or conviction of a person. 

Campus Oriented Policing (COPS)- This is a philosophy based on community oriented policing strategies. It includes involvement in Residential College and other campus group activities. Its goal is greater officer/campus community cooperation, which leads to increased prevention and solving of crimes on campus.

Internet Website- The Murray State Police website, located at www.murraystate.edu/publicsafety , provides information on matters of safety and security on campus.

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