Your Advisor


In MyGate, click on the Academics tab and then look for the Student Profile box on the top left of the page. Information on your Primary Academic Advisor will be listed in this area.


ACADEMIC ADVISING is the ongoing process of consulting with an ADVISOR in your academic field(s) in order to make the best decisions to ensure that your degree and career goals are met. ADVISING is intended to help you, the student, know and use the resources available here at Murray State University, so that your higher education experience is as rewarding as it can be.

Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR will help you to achieve your academic and career goals. Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR is a faculty or staff member in the department that houses your area, major, or minor. He or she will assist you in making decisions about courses, schedules, and degree requirements.

Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR will clear your ADVISING HOLD, necessary for REGISTRATION, once you have fulfilled requirements for academic advising, including arranging and attending an advising session with your advisor. 


  • Know how and when to contact your advisor. Check posted office hours; know whether he/she can be reached by phone or e-mail or other means.
  • Make an advising appointment at least a week before your REGISTRATION date.
  • Bring to your advising appointment: RACR (Degree Audit), tentative schedule (including CRN #s, course #s, titles, times, instructors), questions.
  • Be sure that you know the requirements for your degree, area or major/minor, University Studies. Be sure you keep up with your grades, GPA, progress toward graduation. Know how to read your DEGREE AUDIT.
  • Know the deadlines for registration, financial aid, tuition payment, drop/add, withdrawal, as well as for submitting forms for graduation.
  • Be aware of all university, college/school, and department policies and procedures that apply to you.
  • Review all course syllabi at the beginning of every term to be sure that you are aware of the policies and procedures for each class that you take.
  • ASK QUESTIONS. Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR is here to help, or to direct you to the help you need!


  • Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR should be available to meet with you each semester, and should have regular posted office hours for academic advising. Leave ample time between your advising session and your registration date! Remember that some advisors have a LOT of advisees.
  • Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR should be well-versed in your area or major, and should be able to provide you with advice on selecting courses to reach your academic goals.
  • Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR should be able to help you to read your DEGREE AUDIT and to make sure that you are fulfilling all needs toward graduation.
  • Your ACADEMIC ADVISOR should be able to help you to find the resources you need. Establish a good relationship with your ACADEMIC ADVISOR and he or she can help you to get the most out of your academic career at Murray State.

How do I make an appointment for ACADEMIC ADVISING?

Call or email your academic advisor.
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Contact the department office for advisor location and regular office hours.


If you have a problem scheduling an advising session, contact the Department Chair.


What do I bring to my ACADEMIC ADVISING appointment?

- Bring a copy of your RACR degree audit (or a device on which you can view it)

- a tentative schedule of classes for the upcoming semester

- questions you want to ask your advisor

- note-taking supplies

- your full attention so that you can be an active participant in the conversation (turn cell phones off, please!)