RACR Degree Audit


A degree audit is an easy-to-read view of your requirements for your program of study. The audit is essentially a checklist of requirements for a degree through Murray State University. Completed and in-progress classes are used to fill spots within the audit showing which requirements have been completed, which are in progress, and what classes/requirements still remain.

The RACR (Racer Academic Completion Report), MSU's new degree audit for undergraduate students, is now available for use in myGate.  The RACR audit has replaced the old degree audit, the MAP report, and offers a variety of new features.

All undergraduate students in the 09-11 or newer bulletins will be using the RACR audit exclusively to track degree completion. 

How do I get my RACR AUDIT?

1. Log into myGate

2. Click on Academics Tab

3. In the Student Links box, you will see a link for RACR Degree Audit

 How do I read my DEGREE AUDIT?

           The links below will help you learn about RACR Audit.  You can view a user guide or a video.  Plus, there is additional information about the RACR on the Registrar's Office website.