Implementing a service learning course

Implementing a Service Learning course

If you currently teach a class that you believe is just one or two steps away from being a Service Learning class, or if you are interested in starting a new Service Learning course:  

  • Sign up for a Service Learning workshop if you haven’t already taken on OR discuss your course idea with the Coordinator for Service Learning or the advisory board representative for your respective College. 
  • Fill out the application form available below and attach your syllabus. 
  • Submit your syllabus to the Coordinator of Service Learning for approval by the advisory board (see scoring rubric for details). 
  • If notified of approval, make sure your course is scheduled with an “S” preceding the section number (e.g., ARC 350-S01).

:: Contact ::

Service Learning Coordinator: 
Elizabeth Price
Research and Instruction Librarian
Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business
216A Waterfield Library
207C Business North

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