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Exchange students / Visiting scholars
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Beginning the process to become an exchange student and visiting scholar

Designated exchange students 

In order to start the process of becoming an exchange student at Murray State University, you must first be designated by your university. We will need confirmation from your home university (email message is fine) stating that you have been officially selected as an exchange student from the appropriate office at your home university. The email needs to be addressed to Bill Mckibben. Once we have received the designation email, the Institute for International Studies will need you to provide the following documentation:

Deadlines for applications and documentation are October 15th for spring admission and the first week of May for fall admission.

1. MSU application for admission 
The International Student Admission Application must be filled out and sent to Bill McKibben in the IIS Office. A fax is fine, but we will eventually need the official copy.  Please keep in mind that exchange students are exempt from the $30 MSU application fee

2. Official university transcript

3. Financial statement
Students will need to show sufficient funds to cover their housing, meals, and incidental expenses. Their bank statements should show funds that total at least $13,500. This is the minimum amount that needs to be shown on the financial statement. Although students will probably not spend this much, it is important that they show this amount in order to receive their visas. This should be a certified bank statement.

4. English Language Proficiency Scores

Submit TOEFL or IELTS scores meeting requirements for unconditional admission. (View Language Requirements)

5. Housing application and deposit 
Please note that there are two types of housing available. One type is a shared room in the residential colleges. A room can not be guaranteed without the deposit. Students may pay by credit card or by check payable to Murray State University. If the student would like, he or she may send their credit card information with the number, expiration date, and they type of card, i.e. MasterCard/Visa by fax or email.

The other type of housing that is available is known as college courts. Students must be 21 in order to apply to live here. This is a furnished apartment on campus with a kitchen, living room, private bath, and bedroom. This type of room is more expensive than the residential college. Deposits for both types of housing are $150 and can be paid by credit card or by a certified bank check.
Please keep in mind that College Courts apartments are in great demand and there is often a long waiting list.

6. Transcript Release
The Transcript Release Form (doc) will need to be filled out by the exchange students and sent to the Institute for International Studies. If you would like to send a faxed copy, that will be fine; however, we will eventually need the official copy of this form.

7. DS-2019 Information Form
The DS-2019 Information Form (doc) will need to be filled out by the exchange students and sent to the Institute for International Studies. If you would like to send a faxed copy, that will be fine; however, we will eventually need the official copy of this form.

8. Proof of Health Insurance
This can be shown upon arrival. Students may also purchase insurance from Murray State University upon their arrival. If you decidess to purchase health insurance from Murray State University, it will cost approximately $863 for one year worth of coverage.

If you decide to use insurance from your home country, the insurance must meet certain requirements. This information can be found in the Exchange Visitor Program brochure that will be included in the J-1 student package you will receive after submitting your student documents.

Please do not purchase insurance from your home country until you receive the J-1 student information packet. One thing to note is if you bring insurance from your home country, you will be responsible for paying your medical bills here in the U.S. and will have to seek reimbursement once you return home.

Once we receive the forms mentioned above, we will start the visa application paperwork. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill McKibben.

We also have a checklist to help make sure you have submitted the appropriate materials. 

Visiting Scholar
Thank you for your interest in becoming an exchange scholar. In order to start the process, we will need the following information:

1. An Updated CV/Resume
2. A Letter of Intent
This should outline the purpose of your stay at Murray State University
3. A Financial Statement
This should be a letter from your university showing sufficient funds or a certified bank statement. You must show funds that total $1,000 a month for each month at Murray State University plus $200 per month for each dependent that will accompany you.

Once we receive this information, we will contact the appropriate department to see if they are able to host you during your stay. Once a commitment is received, we will send you an information packet with the appropriate visa documents that you will take to your visa interview.

For your reference, please see the Scholar Handbook for frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bill McKibben or Misty Brown.

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