Expected costs


Each ESL "term" equals one eight-week session.

All amounts in US dollars ($).

ESL Fees

Application Fee
One-time fee, including express mailing

Airport Pick-up Fee
The nearest international airport is two hours from campus. It is necessary for you to request airport pick-up if you need our staff to pick you up. You will be billed this amount after your arrival. Please note that taxi service would cost much more and may not be reliable. The airport pick-up charge is non-refundable unless you cancel at least four hours prior to your original arrival time.

if arriving during shuttle service dates

if arriving any time other than shuttle service dates

One eight-week term
Administrative Fee
One eight-week term
Technology Fee
One eight-week term
Institutional TOEFL Placement Test
A one-time fee upon enrollment. Students are required to take a placement test regardless of any past TOEFL scores. Any additional tests including an exit test are charged when taken.
Approximate cost per eight-week term

University Fees

Health Insurance
Health insurance is mandatory for international students. You can purchase health insurance in your country that has a minimum coverage of $100,000.00 per illness/accident and bring proof of coverage.  Costs vary depending on company and age.
estimated $136.00
per eight-week term
Student Identification Card
One time fee
Campus Wellness Center Fee
Per semester

Housing Choices*

Deposit for Residence Hall/ College Courts
Shared room in Residence Hall
One eight-week term
Shared room in Residence Hall
16-week semester
Private room in Residence Hall
One eight-week term
Private room in Residence Hall
16-week semester
Activity Fee
Charged for all residential hall rooms
per semester
Deposit for College Courts Apartments
College Court Apartment Rent - One Bedroom
Only for married students or graduate students over 21 years old
per month
College Court Apartment Rent - Two Bedrooms
Only for married students with family
per month

Dining Services*

Unlimited (per 16 week semester)
For a description of the meal plans, please refer to the Murray State Dining Service website.  


Please note that all fees are subject to change without notice. 

*Dorm fees are based on the second lowest rate for Hart Hall, Regents Hall and White Hall.  The lowest rate is $2,184 per semester for a shared room in Franklin Hall, Springer Hall and Old Richmond Hall.  The two higher rates are $2,621 per semester for a shared room in Elizabeth Hall and Hester Hall and $3,003 per semester for a shared room in Lee Clark Hall and James H. Richmond Hall, respectively.  For more information about housing rates, please go to http://www.murraystate.edu/campus/Housing/housingrates.aspx.

Students who begin ESL in August or January and use campus housing and meal facilities will be billed on the university semester (16-week) schedule even if they only plan to stay for one 8-week ESL term.  If this occurs, the student will be refunded the difference upon leaving the university.  This 16-week semester payment plan is mandatory.  Students who begin in October or March (or Summer term) will be billed only for he remaining 8 weeks in the university semester.