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Faculty and Staff: Teach Abroad

Teaching and directing abroad is incredibly rewarding but can also be a demanding endeavor. The MSU Education Abroad Office is here to guide you as you plan your course and choose which provider to propose your program with or to help you create your own MSU Signature Program. There are many options to consider and we can help sort through those options so you can choose what is best for you and your students. Below you will find the following: 

  • A summary of MSU Signature Program opportunities to join a current program or create a new program
  • An introduction to the study abroad consortia and program providers MSU works with
  • Teach Abroad Resources, whether you're designing your own program or looking for a consortia or provider for your ideal course. If you have additional resources that we haven't included, please let us know. We are constantly updating and expanding our resources to support MSU Faculty and Staff. 
  • A step-by-step guide for how to do this thing called Teach Abroad

Study Abroad contains a field of great scholarship and research in its own right and has developed rapidly over the last decade, creating extensive resources for universities and faculty leaders, and setting formal Standards recognized by the U.S. Department of State. The resources below will provide information and links to articles, tips, forms, and sourcebooks that help you envision, plan for, and execute your course responsibly and with academics and safety at the forefront of your planning. You'll discover that someone else has gone before you to help pave the way in planning and management. If you're interested, peruse the Forum on Education Abroad, our field's standard-setting body, for additional resources. Contact us for your faculty login to password protected areas.

Contact the Director of Education Abroad at any time to discuss your program in any stage of planning, whether you're in the brainstorm and idea development phase, developing recruitment materials, or anywhere in between.

Ready to Apply Now? Go to our application site and start now. Read further below if you're unsure of which program you're applying for.

Step-by-Step to Teaching Abroad

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  • Dates, Deadlines, & Mandatory Meetings for Faculty and Program Directors

  • Step 1: Brainstorm & Program Development

  • Step 2: Meet with the Director of Education Abroad and Colleagues for Collaboration

  • Step 3: Begin your Application: Signature Applications due to MSU by January 15th

  • Step 4: Notified of MSU Application Status by February 12th

  • Step 5: Attend Mandatory Teach Abroad Meetings

  • Step 6: Recruit Students

  • Step 7: Get Out of Here

  • Step 8: Return Better Off than when you Left and Attend the Re-Entry Showcase

  • Step 9: Program Evaluation and Debrief

Options for Teach Abroad

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  • Create an MSU Signature Faculty-Led Program

  • Current MSU Signature Programs You Can Join

  • CCSA: Cooperative Center for Study Abroad

  • KIIS: Kentucky Institute for International Studies

  • Experience Scotland

  • Providers Across the Globe

Program Design & Teach Abroad Resources

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  • Why Teach Abroad: Benefits to Faculty & Program Directors

  • Proposal & Approval Process for Signature Programs

  • Program Development

  • Choosing a Program Provider

  • Academics & Course Development

  • Culture Learning (for you, too)

  • Program Dates & Length

  • Activity & Itinerary Development

  • Logistical Arrangements

  • Budget Development

  • Student Selection

  • Personal & Professional Liability

  • Disciplinary & Student Affairs Matters

  • Health & Safety

  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response

  • Guidelines for Accompanying Family Members or Companions

  • Procedures for Faculty & Program Directors

  • Post Program Requirements for Faculty & Program Directors

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