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Program Sequence
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About the Program

Study Abroad Belize 2014


Program Sequence

Third Semester - Summer Study Abroad
The Humanistic Tradition Abroad
     HUM 205
     3 Credit Hours
     Destination: Belize

Fourth Semester
World Civilizations
     CIV 202
     3 Credit Hours
Fundamental Writing Skills II
     ENG 112
     1 Credit Hour
Social Problems
     SOC 231
     3 Credit Hours
Trends and Issues in Youth and Human Services
     YNL 290
     3 Credit Hours

First Semester
Developmental Coursework
     3-8 Credit Hours
Freshman Orientation
     FYE 100
     1 Credit Hour
Interpersonal Communication
     COM 131
     3 Credit Hours
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
     ANT 140
     3 Credit Hours
World Geography
     3 Credit Hours

Second Semester
Critical Reading, Writing, and Inquiry
     ENG 105
     4 Credit Hours
Fundamental Writing Skills I
     ENG 111
     1 Credit Hour
Introduction to Public Speaking
     COM 161
     3 Credit Hours
Critical Thinking
     PHI 103
     3 Credit Hours

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