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Daily Bulletin

Murray State University GSP

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


  • Bring any song suggestions or pictures you would like included on the Final Slideshow to the office during regular office hours. Bring them on a flash drive or a memory card, or email them to tbailey7@murraystate.edu.
  • If you ordered a Community T-Shirt on your hall but have not yet paid for it, please stop by the sales table at lunch today, Wednesday, or Thursday. Any unclaimed t-shirts after that will be available for sale to the general community.
  • If you have unopened food please donate it to NeedLine, a local food pantry. Collection boxes will be placed in Richmond and Clark lobbies until 4:30 on Wednesday. Thanks!
  • The Tuesday afternoon meeting of the Fiber Arts Club is cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with Thank You Letter Writing. Please return all needles you borrowed to Jay or Adriane by Wednesday.
  • Dramatic Expression Focus Area: remember that we have a 6:15 run through tomorrow.
  • Wallyball Tournament: The championship match between the Wall-E Ballers and the Wallyball Whisperers will take place tonight at 5:30.
  • Unfortunately, the memory card that recorded the Final Showcase was corrupted and the recording was unable to be recovered. The only remaining recording is the last 30 minutes of the show, which will be available for $5. Scholars who have pre-ordered the Final Showcase DVD should stop by the sales table at lunch to be reimbursed by Emily. We are very, very sorry!
  • Please remember to check your mailboxes this week!
  • There will be a Drama Performance tonight at 8:15 in Johnson Theatre. See everyone there! (Yes, it’s mandatory.)
  • Here are the times for General Studies Groups:

Session One (2:15-3:15):

John Wilcox, Adriane Hardin-Davis, Bella Ezumah, Kishonna Gray-Denson, Kristen Harris, Melanie Kidwell, Jeff O’field, Dary Picken, Bill Randall, and Ron Reed

Session Two (3:14-4:15):

Madison Sewell, Jason Wheeler, Josh Woodward, Nick Gowen, Peter Berres, Danny Blaser, Cindy Brainard, Jay Crocker, Tana Field, and Jeremy White

  • Thank you in advance to everyone who will participate in Thank-You Letter Writing today!

Club Announcements:

  • Choir Club will meet at 12:45 in Clark 140 today, Wednesday, and Thursday for a brief rehearsal.
  • Card-Board Club will meet this afternoon in Clark 140 from 3:00-6:45.
  • Daring Dungeon Delvers Club will meet from 3:00 to 5:00 in Curris Center.

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