Study Abroad Scholarships

Students who receive MSU scholarships may be able to use their scholarship award(s) toward their study abroad program.  It will depend on how the scholarship is funded and the study abroad program selected.  Check with the MSU Scholarship Office staff for specifics so we can help you maximize your scholarship money and see the world.  

Honors Program participants receiving university-funded scholarships may also be able to use a portion of their scholarship on non-MSU (KIIS, CCSA, CEA, etc.) study abroad programs.  

Students can also apply for study abroad-specific scholarships through the Study Abroad Office.

If students are able to use their existing scholarship award or are awarded study abroad-specific scholarships, you may need to complete a promissory note so that the scholarship money can be paid directly to the study abroad program (only if participating in a non-MSU program).

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