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Course approval
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Course approval

Repeating a Course:

If a veteran fails a required course, he/she may repeat that course with pay. However, he/she cannot repeat a course in which a "passing grade" is received. Unless specified otherwise by the university, a "passing grade" is a D or higher.


VA will not pay educational assistance for an enrollment in any course which is not part of the program of education; unless required refresher courses, deficiency courses, or other preparatory courses necessary to pursue an approved program of education.  (38 U.S.C. 3002(3), 3034, and 3452(b); Pub. L. 98-525)

Developmental/remedial courses:
Remedial and deficiency courses are courses designed to correct deficiencies in basic mathematics, English, and reading at the elementary or secondary level.

  • Chapters 30, 32, 1606 and 1607: Entitlement is charged for remedial and deficiency training.
  • Chapter 35: Entitlement is not charged for 5 months of full-time remedial and deficiency training. Example: If a Chapter 35 student is certified for 6 standard credits and 6 remedial credits, payment is full-time, but entitlement is charged ½-time.

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