Master of Science in Economic Development

The Master of Science in Economic Development will prepare students to work in the field of local and regional economic development. Students will gain both classroom and practical training in the methods of economic development. Students who graduate from the program should have the equivalent of two years of work experience in an economic development agency. In addition students should have the ability to lead a small economic development agency. It is our desire that students from thsi program pursue certification with the IEDC and become certified economic development professionals.

The Murray State Master of Science in Economic Development is a one-year, cohort based degree. Students will spend one academic year on campus (August-May) and complete an internship and capstone project. Students will be trained in using GIS and other statistical and economic methods to inform economic development decisions.

Requirements for Admission

  • Applicants must meet the Murray State University requirements,
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 and a GMAT score of 450 (or GRE score of 289) or
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 and a GMAT score of 400 (or GRE score of 286).

It is recommended that applicants have basic courses in accounting, principles of economics and principles of finance prior to enrolling in the program.

> Master of Science in Economic Development

Total Course Requirements: 30 hrs

  • ECO 610 Introduction to Economic Development -- 3 hrs
  • ECO 611 Economic Development Methods -- 3 hrs
  • ECO 655 Cost-Benefit Analysis -- 3 hrs
  • FIN 610 Economic Development Finance -- 3 hrs
  • ECO 615 Directed Study in Economic Development -- 3 hrs
    The Directed Study course provides the student the opportunity for further study in specialized areas of economic development. The topic areas correspond with elective areas required for IECD certification.
  • ECO 618 Internship in Economic Development -- 3 hrs
  • ECO 617 Comprehensive Project in Economic Development -- 3 hrs

Elective Courses (9 hours approved by advisor) will be based on student interest and career path. Electives may include:

  • ECO 650 Public Finance
  • GSC 607 Land Use Planning
  • ECO 690 Forecasting
  • MKT 684 Seminar in Integrated Business GIS

The M.S. program in Economic Development features a regular series of “practitioners’ weekends” when economic development professionals will be on campus to lecture, host Q&As and network with students in the M.S. economic development program.

Contact Information

Dr. David Eaton

Department of Economics and Finance
307 Business Building
Murray, KY 42071

Telephone: (270)809-4290
Fax: (270)809-5478