Faculty and staff


  Sunayan Acharya
Assistant Professor of Finance
105B Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4323

Narine Badasyan  Narine Badasyan
Associate Professor of Economics
307M Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4278

David Brasfield  David Brasfield
Professor of Economics
307C Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4324

Todd Broker  Todd Broker
Lecturer of Economics and Director, Center for Economic Education
307G Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-5193

  Jessica Dunn
Assistant Professor of Finance
105E Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4277

David Durr  David Durr
Professor of Finance
Arthur J. Bauernfeind Endowed Chair in Business/Investment Management
105C Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-6275

David Eaton David Eaton
Professor of Economics
Department Chair
307A Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4290

  Eran Guse
Associate Professor of Economics
307A Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-3205

Seid Hassan  Seid Hassan
Professor of Economics
308C Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4284

Steve Lacewell 

Steve Lacewell
Professor of Finance and Director, Center for Banking and Finance


307J Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4285

Jim McCoy  Jim McCoy
Distinguished Professor of Economics
105A Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4274
[+] Bio

Dr. Jim McCoy received his B.A. in Economics in 1978 from Xavier University and his Ph.D. in International Economics and Economic Development in 1986 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He joined Murray State’s faculty in 1985 and has enjoyed being here ever since. Jim has presented and published numerous papers involving economic impact statements, international firm location decisions, and economic education issues, in both national and international journals. He has also directed and worked on several state and federal grants. Jim has been a Murray State Presidential Research Fellow and twice a recipient of the Murray State Board of Regents Award for Teaching Excellence.

Jim has served in many administrative roles at Murray State University. He most recently served as Associate Provost for Research, Innovation, and Global Affairs. He has also served as the Director of the Center for International Business Education and the Executive Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Other administrative positions he has held include Director of the M.S. in Economics Program, Assistant Dean of the College of Business and Public Affairs, Chair of the Department of Economics and Finance, Collegiate AACSB Coordinator, the Academic Director of the Telecommunications Systems Management Program in the College of Business and Public Affairs, and the Developer and Executive Director of the On-line Business and Telecommunications Systems Management Programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Jim’s passion for international education has led him to pursue a variety of international experiences, including conducting research and teaching in countries across the globe. He has taught Microeconomics, International Trade and Finance, International Business, Business Economics, Managerial Economics, Economic Development, and International Economic Relations, at the undergraduate as well as graduate level, in Belize, Finland, Jamaica (as a Fulbright Scholar), Austria, China, Australia, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, and the United Kingdom (Scotland). While not on campus or abroad, he enjoys fishing and water skiing on Kentucky Lake and hiking in the Blue Ridge/Smokey Mountains with friends and family.

Martin Milkman  Martin Milkman
Professor of Economics
307F Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4282

Mary-Trip Reed  Mary-Tripp Reed
Lecturer of Economics
307E Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-3932

Simone Silva  Simone Silva
Associate Professor of Economics
307H Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-2996

Linda Hopkins  Linda Hopkins
Administrative Assistant
307 Business Building
Phone: (270) 809-4188