TSM Master of Science


Kentucky’s only Program of Distinction of its kind and is one of few in the nation.  The program is offered online and students must complete ten graduate courses (30 credit hours) broken into 24 hours of required courses (8 courses) and six hours of electives (2 courses).  The flow below shows how the core courses work together to develop the competencies of the TSM graduate.  TSM 680 is the capstone course for the M.S. in TSM. Students use project management techniques involving the technical, financial, and managerial aspects of developing an integrated communications network solution that meets voice, data and video requirements. Major emphasis in the proposed solution is requirement analysis, design, implementation, economic feasibility, and solution management. Students usually take the capstone course in their last semester of core courses.


To graduate students with the technical, financial, and project management competencies necessary for development and implementation of successful telecommunications network solutions in both the private and public sectors. Graduates will be positioned to be highly valued participants in the market as effective providers and well-informed purchasers of integrated telecommunications applications in a wide variety of settings.

Advantages of TSM at Murray State

  • Career-enhancing Degree
    Telecommunications systems are networks of leading-edge technologies such as fiber optic systems, satellites, wireless, telephony, and cable that are connected to computers that allow organizations and individuals throughout business and industry to communicate instantaneously around the world.  Since these systems provide the infrastructure for such activities as electronic commerce, electronic banking, video teleconferencing, distance learning, telemedicine, data interchange, on-demand video, and a host of other traditional and new uses for business and industry.  Persons qualified to manage such systems are in very high demand.  The market need exceeds the number of graduates in the field.  Our TSM graduates know how to manage technology as well as how to manage with technology.  This unique set of skills is possible because of the program’s interdisciplinary nature, combining technical and technology skills with business skills to produce well rounded, competitive-edge graduates for the 21st century telecommunications industry.  TSM graduates have gone to work in the US and some foreign countries for banks, insurance companies, technology companies, governmental agencies and university in positions such as telecommunications systems administrator, technical sales executive, internet engineer, SQL database administrator, information technology analyst, business development executive, e-commerce developer among many others.
  • Access and Flexibility
    TSM MS Classes are offered to fit your schedule. Classes are taught at night, during the day, as well as 100% online.  Yes, you can complete the TSM MS program 100% online.
  • Personal attention 
    Each student receives personal attention from the TSM Advisor, as well as from the teaching faculty.    
  • Non-TSM Majors Welcome
    Yes, we welcome students whose undergraduate degrees are NOT in Telecommunications Systems Management! 

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Marcia Combs-Ford
TSM Graduate Program Director
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems