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Management, Marketing, and Business Administration

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Opportunities for management graduates
Students who study management at Murray State University have some very interesting career options. Some will become managers or supervisors in their first job after graduation. Some will decide to pursue opportunities in non-managerial positions. Many will start out in non-managerial jobs and eventually move into positions of managerial responsibility.

Although most business graduates from the management area do not become managers right after college, some do. This is especially true in organizations willing to provide new-hires with training in how to manage at that organization.

Some students graduating with an area in management decide not to pursue a career in management at all. Instead, these graduates use their knowledge of management as a way to better understand how organizations operate. This understanding allows them to function more effectively regardless of the type of job they might seek.

Perhaps most management area graduates will begin their careers in non-managerial positions and assume managerial responsibilities as they advance in their chosen organization. The intent here is to find a challenging position in an attractive organization, and then to use that (and perhaps other positions) to prove one's ability to manage and lead.

Among the most attractive career options in the management field are:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Benefits Manager
  • Compensation Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Human Resource Recruiter
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • General Manager
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Production Planner
Opportunities for marketing graduates

Marketing is a fascinating field. Students interested in a challenging career will find that it offers many opportunities that are hard to equal elsewhere. College students who have studied marketing provide a fresh source of talent for major corporations as well as smaller organizations.

Marketing offers some of the best opportunities to gain depth and breadth of experience throughout one's career and as a result offers excellent job mobility.

Marketing employment can thus be found in a variety of organizations: manufacturing firms, nonprofit organizations, distributive enterprises such as retailers and wholesalers, service suppliers, and research agencies.

Among the attractive career options in marketing are:

  • Product and Brand Management
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Retail Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising
  • Distribution/Logistics Manager
  • International Marketing
Opportunities in international business

There are several career opportunities in the field of international business. Graduates may pursue careers in firms currently active in international markets or those just beginning international activities. Other options include careers with public agencies at various levels, economic development enterprises and non-governmental organizations with an international focus.

Though new hires are rarely sent directly on expatriate assignments, long-term career opportunities with both domestic and international postings exist.

Study in international business also helps students prepare for graduate programs in international studies, international relations or international business.

Most organizations are affected by globalization in some way, creating significant opportunities for the application of international business skills.

Among the specific career options in international business are:

  • Export Manager
  • International Product Manager
  • Import Manager
  • Trade Counselor
  • Trade Analyst
  • General Management
  • General Marketing
  • International Education Administration
  • International Corporate Assignments