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  1. Duration: How long will it take me to complete the AACSB Accredited MBA program at Murray State University?
    Answer: That depends on three important factors, namely:
    1. MBA Foundation Courses: If you already have all the foundation courses with a grade of at least a “C,” you will complete the program a lot faster than those who still need undergraduate Business Courses. A minimum of three credit hours are required for a foundation course to transfer. The foundation courses, or their equivalents, are the following:
      • ACC 200: Financial Accounting
      • ACC 201: Managerial Accounting
      • ECO 230: Macroeconomics
      • ECO 231: Microeconomics
      • MAT 220: Business Calculus
      • CIS 343: Statistics
      • FIN 330: Principles of Finance
      • MGT 350: Principles of Management
      • MKT 360: Principles of Marketing

      Note: Foundation Courses in the left column above (all 200-level ones) may be taken at/from a 2-year institution/Community College, while all foundation courses at the 300-level above must be taken at a regular 4-Year University for them to be considered equivalents.

    2. MBA Classes on Campus: If you are coming to the beautiful main campus in Murray, you can take a full load of graduate courses (9 graduate hours) to enable you to finish early.
    3. The 100% Online MBA Program: If you work full time and intend to pursue the online MBA, then you will only take a maximum of 2 graduate courses at a time. Anything more will prove to be too much for you. Generally, if you have all the MBA foundation courses and can take graduate classes in Fall, Spring and Summer, you should earn your online MBA within 18 months.
  1. MBA Foundation Courses: Can the MBA Foundation courses be waived due to experience, among other considerations?
    Answer: No, foundation courses cannot be waived for any reason. We do offer “Proficiency Exams,” however, for only two of the MBA foundation courses—MGT 350 and MKT 360. For details, contact our MBA Office. No, we do not encourage proficiency exams for the other foundation courses because of one important benefit to the student, and that is: the graduate level equivalents of these courses are not easy. It is therefore in the student’s best interest to take the actual foundation courses first.
  2. GMAT/GRE: Can the GMAT/GRE be waived because of any combination of factors such as: many years of top-level work experience; possession of a full scholarship; not enough time to take the GMAT/GRE; “I do not do well on standardized tests;’ or because the student has a superior GPA of 4.0 on the 4.0 scale?
    Answer: Unfortunately, we do not waive the GMAT or GRE. Please make arrangements to take one of them and have the official scores submitted directly to Murray State University: Use our institution code, which is 1494.
  3. GMAT/GRE Preparation: How do I prepare for either the GMAT or the GRE Exam?
    Answer: We accept either the GMAT or the GRE. For either test, you need to review an official GMAT or GRE Handbook for some 2 months before you take the actual test. Any major bookstores in your area will have the GMAT Handbook or the GRE Handbook. Latest editions of these handbooks are more helpful. The GMAT is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC:; while the GRE is administered by Educational Testing Service ( Murray State University’s institution code, which you must use so that we receive your official scores, is: 1494.
  4. MBA Time Limit: From the time you take your first graduate (600-level) course, you have eight (8) years to complete our MBA program. We, of course, want you to complete the program within 18 months to 2 years.
  5. Start Dates: When can I start the Murray State MBA Program? You have the option of a Spring (January), Summer (end of May) or a Fall (August) entry date. Just send your application early enough for us to process it.
  6. Scholarships: Unfortunately, we do not have scholarships for students on our 100% online MBA Program. For students taking classes on the Murray State Campus in Murray, we do offer a very limited number of very competitive graduate assistantships. Typically we only offer about 10 new graduate assistantships every Fall Semester, based on high GMAT/GRE scores.
  7. Tuition and Books: How much does the MBA Program cost (a) On Campus, and (b) For the 100% Online MBA?
    • Tuition and Fees information can be found on our Bursar' website.
      For 2016/2017, KY-resident tuition (on-campus courses) is $503 per credit hour.
    • Tuition for the 100% Online MBA: Everyone (Kentucky Residents and Non-Residents) pays the same for our Online MBA Program. In 2016/17, the online tuition rates are: $640 per credit hour.
    • How do we get our Books?: Contact the Murray State Bookstore, and give them the Semester, Course Number and Section number: such as: FIN 602 Section 2 for Spring 2016. They will give you the title of the book. Go ahead and request the ISBN Number as well. Our Bookstore at Murray State University can be contacted as follows:
      Telephone: 270 809 4388 or 6993 OR 1-800-749-8580
  8. I am an American Student, but I have not yet taken the GMAT or GRE. Can I still apply and start your MBA Program?
    Answer: Yes, as long as your overall GPA is at least 2.75. However, you will need to submit the required/specified GMAT/GRE score within 2 months of receiving your conditional admission letter.
  9. I am an International Student, but I have not yet taken the GMAT or GRE. I even have a scholarship from my Government. Can I still apply and start your MBA Program?
    Answer: International Students are required to submit official GMAT/GRE scores with their application. If your overall GPA is at least 2.75 but you do not have the GMAT/GRE, the following things will happen to you: A letter of conditional admission will be sent to you. Your I-20 WILL NOT be sent from the international office for your Visa application until you submit the required/specified GMAT/GRE score.
  10. Application Deadlines: We have a rolling admissions process, meaning that we accept applications for students who wish to start the program in Spring, Fall, or in Summer. Although we do not have “hard” application deadlines as such, as a general rule you must submit your application and all official university transcripts early enough for us to process your paperwork. Yes, the transcripts need to be sent directly (by your previous schools, not you) to graduate admissions at Murray State University. Our address is:
    Graduate Admissions and Records
    B2 Sparks Hall
    Murray, KY 42071
  11. What do people do with the MBA Degree?
    Answer: The MBA is the most versatile of all graduate degrees, in terms of the range of career options it affords you in a wide range of business fields. You can use the MBA in virtually any field, because it gives you the kind of multidimensional, multifaceted, multi-industry and multifunctional business dimension that no other graduate degree can. The MBA degree is, of course, the ultimate Career Enhancer (Pay Raises and Promotions). And, yes, you can also go on to pursue your PhD straight from the Murray MBA, as many have done in the past by going to some of the most prestigious Universities in the world. For other benefits of having an MBA Degree, please access this website: Do I need to send letters of recommendation (references) as part of the application process? No. Please do not send any letters of recommendation.