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Major and Minor Requirements


Major: Nonprofit Leadership Studies 

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degree

CIP   44.0702


University Studies Requirements - 38-44 hrs


University Studies Selections must include:

PSY      180     General Psychology

CSC      199     Introduction to Information Technology


Required Courses - 30-32 hrs

NLS       100T   Transitions

NLS       290      Introduction to the Role of Service and the Nonprofit Sector

NLS       350      Program Development in Nonprofit Organizations

NLS       351      Leadership and Support Systems in Nonprofit Organizations

NLS       352      Volunteerism and Volunteer Development

NLS       400      Nonprofit Leadership Internship

NLS       450      Senior Seminar

NLS       465      Legal Issues within Nonprofit Leadership

NLS       475      Social Entrepreneurship

NLS       485      Seminar on Leadership Development

NLS       502      Financial Resource Management and Development

NLS       580      Special Problems in Nonprofit Organizations


Career Related Electives -  9 hrs

COM      340      Intercultural Communication

COM      380      Organizational Communication

COM      439      Conflict and Communication

HEA       191      Personal Health

MGT      350      Fundamentals of Management

MGT      550      Human Resource Management

MKT      360      Principles of Marketing

PSY      261      Child Psychology

PSY      262      Adolescent Psychology  

REC      403      Managing Recreation Areas and Facilities

 Required Minor - 21 hrs

Unrestricted Electives - 14-22 hrs

Total Curriculum Requirements 120 hrs



Nonprofit Leadership Studies Minor - 23-25 hrs

NLS      290      Introduction to the Role of Service and the Nonprofit Sector

NLS      350      Program Development in Nonprofit Organizations

NLS      351      Leadership and Support Systems in Nonprofit Organizations

NLS      352      Volunteerism and Volunteer Development

NLS      400      Nonprofit Leadership Internship

NLS      450      Senior seminar

NLS      502      Financial Resource Management and Development

and 6 Hours of limited electives




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