Clinical/Internship Core

Clinical Practices/Internship Experiences

The Ed.D. in P-20 and Community Leadership has two clinical internship experiences during the course of the degree. The intent for these courses is that research opportunities and partnerships for research evolve from the field experiences.

The first internship experience allows students to become immersed in the field of leadership practice where they have the opportunity to study leadership practices first-hand, be mentored by exceptional practitioners, and practice field-based problem solving.

The second internship applies teaching and learning theories to practice through the design and alignment of learning outcomes, assessments, and teaching at the college level. The clinical instructional experience provides P-20 leaders with an opportunity to explore issues related to instruction.  

Clinical Courses:

  • ADM900     Clinical Practice I: P-20 Leadership
  • ADM910     Clinical Practice II: P-20 Learner