Core Curriculum

The 18-hour P-20 core-curriculum emphasizes the connection of theory, research and practice. The P-20 core-curriculum foundations courses emphasize the connection of historical, economic, social and political influences on P-20 education and policy, as well as learning. The intentional connection of theory and practice provides students with unique opportunities that promote curiosity, discovery, inquiry, reflection and critical thinking.

Another unique offering within our P-20 core curriculum is the course offerings with the AJB College of Business. Through advanced courses in management and communications, P-20 leaders experience a distinctive perspective on change management, entrepreneurial strategies, team motivation, organizational leadership and social media. 

Core Courses:

  • ADM800     Seminar in Individual Leadership Development
  • ADM810     Leadership & Ethics in a Diverse Society
  • ADM820     Foundations of P-20 Education
  • ADM830     Development of P-20 Learners
  • COM887     Seminar in Organizational Leadership
  • MGT801      Educational Entrepreneurism