Graduate Programs



  • MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY - The graduate program is a six-semester program beginning in the summer and concluding in the spring of the second year. Graduate students participate in traditional lecture, seminar and demonstration courses as well as in performance of specified competencies required in the professional setting. Practicum is considered an integral part of graduate study. Graduate students participate in a wide variety of assessment and treatment experiences in the MSU Speech and Hearing Clinic, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and other facilities holding affiliation agreements with the program. 
  • POST-BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM - The Communication Disorders post-baccalaureate (PB) program is designed as an avenue to graduate studies in Speech-Language Pathology for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than communication disorders.


  • Certificate - The Youth & Nonprofit Leadership Certificate program is designed for individuals working in positions such as administrative, program development, or direct services positions in a wide range of settings.  This certificate will provide additional information and skills for those with leadership responsibilities or for those wanting to move toward assuming a greater leadership role.
  • MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP - YOUTH AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION CONCENTRATION - This program will prepare individuals for leadership roles and functions to successfully work with individuals, groups, and teams in for-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations at the local, regional, national, and global levels. 

 To continue your current teaching certification or to add certifications to prepare for new roles and responsibilities, explore the graduate programs by clicking on the links below:

EdD in P-20 & COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP - This program is one of the FIRST doctorates in the nation to provide an innovative and integrated P-20 approach to educational leadership across the continuum.

• Career & Technical Education
• Elementary
• Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE)
• Mathematics
• Middle
• Secondary
• Special Education – Advanced Learning & Behavior Disorder

• Reading and Writing (with Endorsement)
Library Media for Initial Certification
Library Media for Certification in Library Media
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood
Special Education - Learning & Behavior Disorder
Special Education - Moderate & Severe

MASTER OF ARTS IN POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION - This program prepares emerging leaders to become transformational practitioners of higher education and student affairs within the context of the P-20 environment.

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP (non-certification) - This program is designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of professionals. Courses focus on understanding human development and how to apply that knowledge to leadership in your current or future career setting.

• Building Principal License (P-12)
• Director of Pupil Personnel
• Director of Special Education
• Supervision, Coordination, and Principalship in CTE
• Superintendent of Schools
• Supervisor of Instruction

COUNSELING - a CACREP Accredited program dedicated to providing quality education and training for individuals pursuing a profession in the field of counseling or school psychology.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY  - There are two School Psychology training options, both of which lead to certification as a School Psychologist allowing program completers to work in pre-K to 12 schools.

• Endorsement for School Safety
• Environmental Education endorsement to Teaching Certificate
• ESL Certificate endorsement to Teaching Certification
• Gifted Education endorsement to Teaching Certificate
• Individual Intellectual Assessment endorsement to Guidance Certification
• Instructional Computer Technology endorsement to Teaching Certificate
• Moderate to Severe Disabilities Requirements for Certification

• EdS in Education in Counseling - Clinical Mental Health Option (no certification)
• EdS in Education in Counseling - School Counseling Option
• EdS in Education in Counseling - School Psychology Option
• Specialist in Education Elem/Mid/Sec