Giving Back Endowment

Giving Back Endowment

Patricia and Bob Long created the Giving Back programs in 2008 to serve as a resource to advance the understanding, appreciation, and application of the principles of altruism, generosity, caring, and service to others among Murray State University students and faculty and across the Murray/Calloway County community. Since its inception, the programs have distributed more than $100,000 to community-based organizations.

Due to the impact and success of the programs, Patricia and Bob decided to establish the Giving Back Endowment with the Murray State University Foundation in order to:

  • Grow the programs of study in community and nonprofit leadership
  • Increase the application of service learning teaching methodology
  • Find new and effective outreach strategies to support community-based organizations and initiatives
  • Foster the strong history of community leadership development and service learning at Murray State University

The central goal is to provide students with innovative educational experiences that help prepare them to be active citizens of the world.


The Giving Back Endowment will provide resources in perpetuity to support two initiatives in equal portions:

  1. The Student Engagement Initiative supports giving “students the authority over the distribution of money” as part of a comprehensive approach that addresses the Giving Back Endowment principles and goal. The Initiative is operated through a core philanthropy course in the Nonprofit Leadership Studies program.
  2. The Faculty Innovation Initiative provides one-time seed funds for faculty to develop innovative approaches that connect students to real-life community contexts where they can apply the principles of giving. Each year, an application process will occur for this Initiative. Faculty interested in applying should contact:
Thank you to our incredible donors, without whose generosity this initiative would not be possible!

Founding Members & Donors

Mallory Ackles
AGC of Western Kentucky (Chris Nelson)
Larry Allen
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Zeta Zeta Chapter
Michelle Baird
Hannah Barney
Catherine Bates
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Cathy Bazar
Tiara Bell
Tina Bernot
Mariah Bradley
Gary Brockway
Melanie Brooks
Bobbie Bryant
Renee Buckingham
Calloway County 4-H Club Leaders Council
Cassidy Carroll
Chantry Carroll
Lauren Carter
S G Carthell
Tommy Chandler
Ray Chumbler
Rachel Clark
Gary Claudine Keenan
Stephen Cobb
Chandler Cochran
Crystal Coel
Verrin Cofield
Taisha Collins
Clinton Combs
Community Foundation of West Kentucky
Deborah Cox
Jayne Crisp
Diane Croney-Turner
Nikkous Crump
Constantine Curris
Debi Danielson
Pali De Silva
Charles Anthony Dean II
Renae Duncan
Mimi Eaton
Michael Eizyk
Robin Esau
Jessica Evans
Joel Ferguson
Jonathan Ferris
Caroline Few
Taylor Fischer
Matt Fitzer
Ann Fixari
Yanik Flowers
Brooke Gill
Gene Gilliland
Taylor Grady
Harold T Hurt Attorney at Law (Kimberly Griffith)
Tara Hawthorne
Donna Herndon
Bonnie Higginson
Brandalynn Holland
Tammy Horton
Humane Society of Calloway County (Kathy Hodge)
Deric Hyman
Krysty Ikemeh
Ashley Ireland
Robert Jackson
Mary Jensen
Ced Jones
Andrea Kaler
Vikram Kannan
Claudine Keenan
Herbert & Jennifer King
Haley LaGrone
Laurie Latham
Susan Lawhead
Chelsea Lay
Robert Long
Victoria Marables
William Marcum
Rozella Markee
Jayaries McKinney
Kristin McNutt
Courtney McReynolds
Jon Mercado
Keena Miller
William Mitchner
Shakir Moore
Jay Morgan
Kyle Morgan
John Morris
Madison Mucci
Kaylee Murphy
Murray Art Guild
Michael & Julia Muscarella
National Panhellenic Council
Kelcy Navrkal
Julie Nehring
Meher Shilpa Nelakanti
Neneh Sigga Njie
Peter Northcutt
Kevin O'Neill
Stephanie Obaigbena
Brian Overbey
Courtney Parker
Peel & Holland, Inc.
Jaime Perera
Elizabeth Price
Katie Prober
Taylor Raffety
Dorothy Ramsey
Joel Reddick
Jameson Reddin
Sheri Riddle
John Roark
Don Robertson
Jack Rose
Jennie Rottinghaus
John Rufli
Monika Sauer
Savanna Shafer
Jianping Shen
Abigail Siegel
Shawn Smee
Kearron Smith
Riley Smith
Anna Sohl
Vicki Stevens-Valentine
Allison Strong
Kala Stroup
Huanguan Su
Diane Taylor
Lauren Thomas
Lou Tillson
Timothy Todd
Kathryn Tohill
Martin Tracy
Keith & Joan Travis
Angela Trzepacz
Katie Underwood
Bentley Utgaard
W K Kellogg Foundation (Cherie Clements)
Kelly Walker
Gerald Washington
Dick Weaver
Bill Wells
Nolan Wells
David Whaley
Hollis White
Howard Whiteman
Emily Wiegand
Jacob Wildman
Tyonna Williams
E Miles Wilson
Emma Wilson
Kenny Wilson
Randal Wilson
Gina Winchester
Tori Wood
Christopher Wright
Jeffrey Wylie
Rebecca Wylie
Javus Yandal
Jennifer Young
Susan Zepeda

To make a donation in support of this endowment, contact Melanie Brooks at 270-809-3026 or click here to visit our secure online giving site. When making your online gift choose "Other Program" and list the "Giving Back Endowment" in the designation description.

Melanie Brooks
Director of Development